Top tips for coloring Afro hair at home  

According to the latest survey from All Things Hair, 67% of people with Afro hair now feel better represented when it comes to seeing natural hair in the media. The natural hair movement has played a key role in celebrating natural hair, with an increasing number of celebrities adding their voices (and their hairstyles) to the cause.

Whether you choose to wear your Afro short, long or somewhere in between, adding color can give you a style all of your own. So, where do you start when it comes to coloring textured hair?

Tips for coloring textured hair

Firstly, whatever color you plan to go for, it’s worth considering the professional touch. Heading to the salon means putting your hair in the hands of experienced and qualified professionals – people who work with hair day in, day out and who know how to ensure it remains in tiptop condition even whilst coloring it. This is particularly the case if you’re planning to go for a much lighter color than your natural shade.


Of course, if you prefer to color your hair at home, this can deliver obvious cost benefits. There is a vast range of at-home coloring products on the market meaning you’ll be able to find your desired color whether you want to go red, green, purple, pink or any other color. You can also choose whether you want your color to be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent. If you’ve not colored your hair before, opting for a temporary color initially might make sense!

Before you start coloring your hair, and sure that it’s in excellent condition. If your hair is not at its best, treat yourself to a super nourishing conditioning treatment a couple of days before you color. Coloring hair can damage the strands, so ensuring your hair is in proper condition before you start is important.

If your hair needs a trim, book an appointment to have this done shortly after you color it. That way, any drying of your ends will be dealt with swiftly.

Coloring your Afro hair at home

Before you apply the color to your hair, make sure you have everything ready, from the tools you need for coloring to a pair of gloves to stops the dye staining your skin, to a pile of old towels. Give your hair a good comb, too, to get rid of any tangles that could lead to uneven color.

With everything ready, apply the color as directed by the instructions on the packet. This is not a time to ignore instructions! Leaving the color in for too long or too little time can deliver disappointing results, both in terms of the shade you achieve and the condition of your hair.

Color your hair in sections, then, once you have let the dye sit for for the appropriate amount of time, rinse thoroughly. Shampoo and condition after coloring as well, with appropriate products for color-treated hair.

Coloring your hair can be a lot of fun. You can adapt your style for different occasions and different outfits. If you’re seeking inspiration, jump online and check out the latest looks from the red carpet, across the music industry, or elsewhere.