5 Ways to Style Your Denim Jeans This Season

Jeans come to the rescue whether you are vacationing, running errands, or catching up with friends. This no-fuss wardrobe staple is easy to slip into and pairs well with a wide variety of your closet masterpieces. With the varied cuts, styles, sizes, and colours on offer, jeans are undoubtedly the most versatile garment.

Although it is common to team your denim jeans with a casual shirt or tee, a little creative imagination helps you style your overall look. The same classic pair of jeans can smoothly transition from day to night wear by combining them right. Denim allows you to experiment as it gels well with many shades to create the appropriate look, whether formal, chic, or casual.

You indeed have your old favourite pair of jeans which have stood the test of time, and parting with them is beyond question. This durable attire is still totally wearable despite fading and ripping with constant use. No wonder jeans are known as a worthy fashion investment that retains their stylish appeal across seasons.

Finding a pair of denim that flatters your body type is critical. Here is a handy guide for your easy reference:

  • If you are heavy around the hips and thighs, boyfriend and cropped jeans flatter your figure as opposed to high-waisted ones
  • When blessed with long legs, opt for the ripped or flared styles and avoid cropped jeans
  • Having an enviable figure enables you to flaunt a variety of styles, especially skinny jeans
  • For petite frames, high-waisted jeans look awkward, whereas cropped or straight cuts work wonders

The highest quality denim is produced using the world’s finest fabric to give you the best fit. An environmentally conscious manufacturer adopts only responsible and sustainable methods to create this classic wardrobe essential.

Five recommended ways to style your denim jeans this season:

Flowing Style

When teamed with a loose light-coloured top, skinny jeans balance out your lower half’s slimmer look. Since most skinnies come in dark hues, combining them with lighter blouses enhances your overall look.

Smart Casuals

The tailored look of skinny jeans is appropriate to depict a smart casual look. Combine them with knitwear, collared shirts, bomber jackets, or casual blazers, and you are bound to attract attention.

Edgy Fashionista

Tone down your ripped jeans’ grunge appearance by teaming them with a turtleneck sweater or blazer to achieve an edgy look. Sleek tops that offer coverage offset the display of skin courtesy your distressed trousers. Wearing chic accessories ensure you make heads turn.

Layer Up

Pairing your straight jeans with a denim shirt and layered denim jacket gives you a consistent look from top to bottom. Since your trouser falls straight from your knee downwards, looser fitting layers work best.

Literally Dressy

A springy dress worn over your cropped denim is the ultimate alternative to boring tights. Completing your look with a sleek pair of boots makes for a powerful fashion statement. Cropped jeans that end an inch or two above your ankles is a hot seller this season.

Rely on a trusted brand to help you achieve a desirable seasonal look.