Why you should buy only best leather shoes for men

Today you can find hundreds of brands selling men and women shoes. Some brands sell only men or women shoes, while many brands sell both men and women shoes. However, most of us compare the price of a leather shoe, without even asking whether the shoe is made from genuine leather or artificial man-made leather.

In most case, we end up buying the cheaper shoe because we don’t find much difference in the looks. But, if you delve deep into why you should buy only genuine leather shoes, you will find compelling reasons to buy only genuine leather shoes.

Although, genuine leather shoes are expensive than artificial leather shoes, they offer so many benefits to the user that the extra price becomes insignificant.


Shoes made from genuine leather are far more comfortable than other formal shoes. Since, genuine leather is a natural product it offers comfort, warmth, and extra cushioning to the user. The difference is pronounced when you wear them for long hours and especially when you need to stand in the period.

No foul smell

You may have noticed some foul smell from your feet when you take out your shoes after long hours. This is because your shoes are made from artificial leather that does not breathe or soak perspiration from feet. When you use best leather shoes brand for men and women, you will not find that foul smell from your feet.

Water resistance

Another good thing about latest buckle up shoes for men is that they are water resistant. Sometimes, you drop the liquid you are drinking which goes through the top layer and straight to your socks leaving your feet wet and uncomfortable. However, when you buy shoes, men or women from Heel and Buckle London, the leather of the shoe will not allow the water to seep through and wet your feet making you feel better.

Easy to maintain

Best leather shoes brand for men and women sells genuine leather shoes that are very easy to maintain. You just need to clean the shoes on regular basis and allow them to breathe so that they stay healthy. To further enhance their life, you should not wear same leather shoe for more than two consecutive days.


One of the greatest advantages of buying leather shoes from Heel and Buckle London is that you get pure genuine leather shoes. These shoes may be a little expensive than ordinary leather looking shoes made from artificial products, but they will provide you comfort and good feeling for almost double the time that you wear ordinary shoes.


When you buy latest buckle up shoes for men or any other shoe from Heel and Buckle London, you are sure to get the latest designs that are going around in fashion circles. The company is highly consumer focused and believes in bringing in the best and latest fashion to their customers.

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