Why Are Russian Women So Sexualized?

When I was first introduced to Russian dating, I had a question about the difference between what is considered the bad girls and what are the good girls. It was confusing as there are some very good girls out there, but they are always given dirty looks or never taken seriously. Why are Russian women so sexualized and are they really the wild ones that you think?

In my opinion, Russian women are just like any other girls. They enjoy sex but they do not show it to everyone. In order to get their masculine, aggressive side out, they become sexual and display a lot of physical strength.

A Russian woman will generally try to control the amount of confidence that she shows, as she does not want to be perceived as someone who is weak. She needs to keep her sexuality under wraps as a person of honor. She will expect her man to be respectful of her boundaries, but she doesn’t want to come across as a “bitch”. That is what they call it in Russia, or bor’ba (literally: “stupid woman”).

Many guys do not realize that many women really enjoy the dirty talk as a form of intimacy. I always joke that you can pick up a girl without asking for sex, and once you start talking dirty, she will not be able to getaway! You can always flirt with her while you are complimenting her, but once you start talking dirty, she will want to go to bed!

There are certain points of attraction, where a Russian woman will act seductively towards a man in order to build up his ego and create a more masculine relationship. He must have the courage to ask her out. If he asks her to dinner and she says no, then he must still show that he is a strong man by defending her honor and letting her know that he will not let her down.

For me, the main reason why Russian women are so sexualized is that they are so macho. This is a great opportunity for men to feel vulnerable and ultimately learn how to respect themselves and show that they are not afraid to take action when they feel that they need to defend the woman in their life.

The great thing about these macho relationships is that they do not need to end in love. These relationships are based on mutual respect and mutual trust. After all, how much respect can you have for a woman if you constantly feel threatened by her?

When I talk to guys about Russian women, I ask them why they think they are so sexualized. A lot of times, the answer I get is because Russian men see their women as “exotic“. A lot of times, they see it as a status symbol to the point where they actually consider themselves “intelligent and unique”.

sexy girl

Some women in Russia are called bor’ba simply because they are too bold. Some women see this as a compliment and love the attention they get from being labeled like this. I have a friend who was recently labeled by a man who thought that it was very sexy.

My friend loved it and told him that she hated the label and was very insulted. So for her, the fact that her man wanted to label her a boy was flattering.

For me, she was a woman who was self-confident, very confident and was not ashamed of the fact that she had a sexual weakness. She knew what she wanted in a man and made sure that she was assertive with him.

Now I am not saying that we should all be as masculine as this Russian lady was, but I do believe that men should always be aware of how women behave in relation to them and learn how to turn it up to 4 and above for fun!