What To Wear For Your Honeymoon

The wedding ceremony program went off without a hitch. You are married; you did it! Time for the honeymoon. Whoop! Whoop! You deserve some rest and relaxation after the months of prepping and planning. You can always send the thank you cards after you get back anyway. You’ve got the plane tickets in hand but are at a loss as what to pack for your getaway with your new partner. I am here, so let’s explore what some of your options could be depending on where you are headed.


Relaxing by the waves with the sun kissing your skin sounds like just the ticket. Now, what to pack? A sundress is a must. Beaches can be a hot and humid no better way to keep cool then to allow a breeze to fun over and through your legs. Maybe you want something a little more simple a maxi dress is so comfortable and will keep you cool. Another great option is a jumper you can also use it as a cute coverup and wear your suit underneath it until you are ready to take a dip in tides. Of course, you can’t forget to pack a swimsuit or five. Having a backup will make sure you will always have a dry suit and looking fresh. Let’s talk about accessories. I would recommend a hat of some kind whether it is a ball cap, floppy sun hat, or anything in between. You will need some shade, and it is always to protect yourself from the sun’s rays, a hat can help with both of those things. Don’t forget to back a pair of flip flops, sandals and tennis shoes. Never know if you will want to go for a run or a hike.


Fresh air, majestic pines, spectacular views, yes queen!!! Maybe you want to get away from the world and unplug a little. If that is the cause you may need an extra suitcase or two. Not only for the other battery backs you will want to pack, but for the additional bulky clothes, you will want to bring. Coats and sweaters are a must and who doesn’t love a nice warm cozy sweatshirt. If you are going somewhere really cold print thermals or fur-lined clothes, you will thank me later. Don’t forget to pack some hiking boots with wool socks. Some fun accessories that I like to wear with this getting up are fun scarves, hats, and mittens. No one said you can’t be warm and fashionable. Throw in some hot chocolate and marshmallows and have a great time unplugging in the mountains.


The beach nor the mountains called your name this time but a more potent force, that goes by the name of Disney! You’re off to Disneyland, and maybe you have visited before, but this time you are going with your new partner, and you want it to be a little different. Let cover the essentials first. Sunscreen, tennis shoes, hat all a must have. Next jeans, leggings, and some of your best Disney graphic tees. You also may want to invest in a case where you can carry your phone and credit cards around your next as well as a water bottle holder. If you can save money on water might as well. You need to back those cute wedding Mickey Mouse ears you have unless you want to buy them when you get there. I think this is a good start to what you could bring.

Whether you go to the beach, mountains, or Disneyland, remember that you just got freaking married and have a good time celebrating that with your partner. No matter what you do or where you go, you can make it fun and memorable. No, get out there and start living your best lives together!