Wedding Theme Ideas for Your Reception Venue

Wedding Theme Ideas for Your Reception Venue

The beauty of planning and organizing your wedding day is that, especially if you intend upon having a separate venue for your nuptials and another for your reception, you have complete and utter freedom to do exactly what you want to do and express your personality however you feel is best.

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for themes for the entire wedding or your reception only, then you have clicked on the right article.

Continue reading to learn of six wedding theme ideas for your reception venue.

      1.    Romance

Perhaps the most obvious of wedding reception themes is the romantic ambiance created by soft lights and as many flowers as you can possibly fit into the room.

If you go down this beautifully traditional route, stick to pure white for the wedding dress, groomsmen’s shirts, lilacs, baby pinks, and other soft pastels, and simple floral headbands for the bridesmaids.

       2.     Whimsical & Fun

For the quirky couple who want their wedding day and night to be as fun and enjoyably entertaining for themselves as it will be for every single one of their guests, then a wedding theme that is entirely fun and whimsical is definitely the way forward.

Example of whimsical wedding decor could include the following:

  • Bright and bold splashes of color
  • Balloon wedding arches rather than flowers
  • A scattered and vintage-style mismatched cutlery and dinnerware on the tables
  • DIY garlands and streamers

       3.     Rustic Farmhouse Chic

One of the more unusual locations for a wedding, both in terms of the actual vows as well as the wedding reception, is in a farmhouse setting, and many custom-made barns across the country can transform into the most romantic and idyllic wedding setting.

The decorations for a rustic wedding should tie in with a natural and earthy vibe, so mason jars on the table with tealights contained within, twine wrapped around the entrance, a hand-written guest seating arrangement on an old-style chalkboard, and warm white string lights around the ceiling.

      4.     Historic Castle Vibes

Many little girls dream of the fairytale wedding in a castle, and as an adult, if this is a little out of your price range, then there is no reason that, after the official nuptials are over and done with, you can create a historical experience.

Hartford Society Room is one of the leading historic wedding reception locations and offers different kinds of wedding packages to suit your and your fiancé’s needs and wants.

       5.     Bohemian

Finally, for free-spirited couples who are all about expressing their love in a casual and laidback manner, then a bohemian-style wedding is the one for you.

Boho weddings are all about spring blooms for the bridal party to hold, flower headbands and dried flowers as the main decoration on the wedding cake. A handmade crown for the bride with long, loose flowing locks is also a bohemian feature, as well as a live band with hipster-style, lighthearted music for the entertainment in the evening are also fabulous additions.