Want to appreciate your boss? Try this ASAP

Let’s face it: Besides your colleagues, you spend the maximum time around your bosses. You may follow their orders, report to them, depend on their leadership or even seek help from them (at most times). For having such a significant influence in your life, you need to thank them for their contribution to your growth. Well, in that case, take some time out and show a little appreciation for the person behind such an organised workplace. It’s the least you can do for your boss!

This year, show your gratitude to your leaders with these mind-blowing ways listed down below:

  1. Choose a personalised gift for him

Tried and tested: Personalised gifts for a boss can go a long way! Not only does it lighten up everybody’s day but also serves the purpose. So, surprise your superior on small occasions (or even for no reason at all) with a gift that holds a special meaning. You can pick between personalised chocolates and watches to make his day. But, if he has a sweet tooth, engraved chocolate gifts make one of the best gift ideas for your boss.

  1. Write down a LinkedIn recommendation

Now, correct us if we’re wrong. Doesn’t a LinkedIn profile matter the most in the corporate world? Even for your boss, it indeed does. So, put out a few good words for him on his LinkedIn profile. Let his network know about his stellar organisational and managerial skills too! And hey, guess what? Writing down a strong recommendation for him will earn you some additional brownie points in return. Thank us, later! 😉

  1. Bake a cake

Tell us something. Does anyone need a reason to bake a cake? No, right? Well then, why stop yourself from baking one? Grab the opportunity and celebrate your boss, his efforts and niceness.  You can either do the good deed alone or get your team involved in it. Either way, your manager is going to appreciate it. You’ll see! 😀

  1. Run it up the ladder

Now, unless your boss is the CEO of the company, the chances of him having a boss too are huge! Well, if he has one, reach out to his manager and tell him what a great team lead your boss is. Send out a brief email about the leadership that your superior exemplified on a recent project. Keep everything positive and concise. But hey, just make sure that you don’t spill out too many details. Do not go overboard, ladies and gentlemen.

  1. Host an award ceremony

Here’s a little secret: He may be on a higher level than you. But hey, guess what? He needs appreciation once in a while too (just like all of you!) So, what are you waiting for? Get your team on board and organise a quirky intimate awards ceremony for your boss. Create fun badges, such as Best Dressed Boss, The Coolest Superior, The Funniest Boss for the event. Believe us when we say it’s a great way to boost his spirit and show him your appreciation in the best way possible!

Whether you’re showing admiration with a kind gesture or surprising him premium personalised birthday gifts, you’re about to impress him with the above-mentioned list. So, get going, you and make your managers worthwhile. Hurry. You’ve got this!