Ultimate Korean Fashion Style Guide

Fashion for every nation is directly linked to the youth, which brings up the different trends in this modernized world. But speaking of Seoul, Korea is considered as the fashion capital of the country where every style makes a statement in the crowd. Exploring the inner streets of Seoul, we can easily watch the Korean young feminine group putting their best proverbial foot forward every day by donning the latest trends and making their improvisations in the same. Seoul, Korea, in particular, has always been considered as the evergreen source of fashion inspiration around the world.

Classic And Aesthetic Fashion Styles

The tailoring and clothing styles of Korean clothes are widely divided into two parts:

Classic & Feminine: This subset features several girly trends like the schoolgirl check shirts, romantic floral prints, tailored jackets and tops, and skirts in flowy, elegant fabrics.

Edgy-On Trend Stuff: It covers up all distinctive coats, athleisure pieces, oversized items, flashed neon, and streetwear hip hop outfits.

Elements to Take into Consideration in Korean Fashion Wardrobe

To adapt to the Korean fashion lifestyle, you need to have a love affair with a sense of dressing. Comfort is the very first aspect to be observed for being a trendy chic every day. Understanding that not only the clothing items but also the overall look matters in making you the Korean fashionista. Going by research, the trench coat is the most loved clothing item by the Korean public. Next on the list is the collared blouse. Considered to be the most versatile piece of clothing while pairing with the other things, this is a staple of many girls’ wardrobes. Be it the midi skirt or the wide-leg jean; these items have surely been the trendiest things for the Korean public, which in turn makes them the most followed trend worldwide.

The Brands to Make your Wardrobe a Wannabe One

To start with, the most famous and loved place to buy Korean dresses is Yishion Online. The classic and timeless fashion lifelines can be found here. The girly choices and schoolgirl clothing can be found in several varieties at Yishion Online.

Something very noticeable about Korean clothes is that you can witness how harmony and sense of community are the most important traditional values there.

Guidelines to a Being a Gorgeous K-Fashion Diva

  1. Covering the cleavage: Throughout the advancing world, we witness everything being modernized so fast, but for K-Fashion, an exposed chest is still something being frowned upon. Apart from Seoul and other bigger Korean cities, showing off the shoulder is also considered as a scandalous statement. Exposing the back or stomach region as well in not liked widely in the Korean clothing traditions.
  2. Exposing the legs: In contrary to covering the top region of the body, showing off the lower body is observed as fashionable in the K-Fashion world. Shorts and mini skirts are a must for every wardrobe. Tucking in the shirt which makes you look slimmer or getting a high waist skirt are the basic fashion amendments that the Korean people often abide to.
  3. Sizing it up: Korean fashion timeline usually goes by the true meaning of comfort and therefore is more into oversized and loose tops. Horizontal stripes are often the favorite choice, Breton shirts, to be particular. The most basic pairing tip here is to get an oversized top with a tight lower.
  4. Layer Dressing: Combinations like an apron with a basic tee is often seen as a style statement. Items like jackets, particularly bombers and camisoles, are the best layering friends. Being experimental here is the key, and playing it around is the most daring and fashionable thing to do.
  5. Love for the Prints: The couple’s favorite styling sense is often the one which most people consider as their best casual outfit. Printed clothes go with almost everything, even the ones you could never imagine.
  6. Sneaking it out: The last one, but the most essential one is the footwear that you combine with all these outfits and what better than our friendly neighborhood people, Sneakers. Pair them with flashy or decent socks as per your requirement and rock the streets.

The crux of the K-Fashion discussion is that it revolves around the most fashionable and trendy youth. Korean clothing is sometimes considered as a part of their body system because of their love for dressing very beautifully and particularly. Comfort and style statements are made at the same moment by the K-Fashionistas. The inspiration that their fashion brings out to the whole world is phenomenal, and it is more of a to be the fact that Korean fashion has been astonishing for years and will the same surely for the years to come.