Tips for Proper Baby Skin Care

In caring for your baby’s skin, what you do and what you use are the important things to remember. The baby’s skin is quite sensitive, so the products you use should be mild like Bunjie and free of junk and chemical additives. Proper skincare can also prevent allergies and rashes from occurring.

Here are the best practices to ensure the optimum health of your baby’s skin:

Bathing time

Make sure to use a baby shampoo that will not trigger an allergic reaction. Use lukewarm water and mild soap when washing your baby, as an antibacterial soap can be harsh and not suitable for sensitive skin. Do your bathing and drying off in a warm or room temperature so your little one will not get cold. Use a soft, smooth towel when wiping your baby dry to prevent accidental scratch. A few tips to remember:

  • Within the first month, clean your baby with plain water, mild top-to-toe wash, and a soft sponge at least thrice a week. By doing this, the skin of the baby will not lose its natural moisture.
  • Do not bathe your child too often because it may leave the skin dry and dull, sapping the skin’s nutrients.
  • For dry skin, keep the baby’s skin supple and hydrated using a massage and bath oil and moisture lotion.


Diapers and nappies


While diapers are useful items that help parents keep their babies fresh and clean, some diapers may irritate the skin, resulting in infections or rashes. These skin conditions usually occur if the diaper is too tight or left on the baby for long hours. Change the diaper immediately once your child has used it.

If you notice irritation in the diaper area, try changing your diaper brand. Also, make sure to use nappy and barrier cream, which is best in dealing with wet nappies and diapers. Do not forget to sprinkle an organic powder in the diaper area. Besides the diaper, check the wipes and soaps you use on your baby.

If your baby develops skin rashes, you can treat them with the right cream. But, if the rashes are severe, they may indicate skin infection, which requires special care.

Dealing with baby skin problems

  • Your baby may develop eczema on the face, chest, behind the knees, elbows, or arms. If your family has experienced atopic dermatitis, asthma, or allergies, there is a high risk for the baby to suffer from this itchy eczema. Apply a small amount of moisturiser and use a mild soap to help deal with eczema.
  • A baby’s skin may acquire acne, but know that it is different from the acne that develops on a teenager. Make sure to ask your doctor on the correct lotion or antibiotic to clear your baby’s skin and prevent scars.
  • It is not uncommon for babies to have birthmarks or slight discolouration on the skin. It is not hereditary and not a cause of concern for parents. Birthmarks are harmless; hence, no treatment is needed.

For the best skincare for your baby, always use products specially formulated for the little ones like the ones in Bunjie, which support skin microbiome development. With the right products by your side, you can take care of your baby’s skin the right way.