Things you need to know before getting your first tattoo

It always gives you a special feeling when you try something out for the very first time, and your first tattoo is no exception. Consider your first piercing or the first time you had your hair, nails, or makeup done by a professional. It’s similar to that, but 1,000 times worse because it’s typically permanent.

That’s why it’s crucial to complete your homework to ensure you’re ready for the occasion. Keep in mind that you’re putting a work of art on your body that will be with you for a long time. That’s worth more than a few minutes of thoughtful consideration.

We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know before getting your first tattoo. 

Don’t rush into any tattoo decisions:

Before you sit in that chair, it’s best to consider long and hard about what design you desire. A lovely design can provide you delight for a lifetime, but you should be exceedingly cautious about tattooing anyone’s name on your body.

You’ll probably adore your mom and kids for the rest of your life, but you should think twice about tattooing anyone else’s name. There’s a reason why cover-up tattoos exist. Tattoo removal is also possible, but it is both costly and painful.

Wouldn’t it be better to take your time now to select a design that you know will please you for many years to come?

Research, research, research, it’s a never-ending cycle: 

Inquire of your acquaintance who has the ink you admire who their artist is and how to get in touch with them. Alternatively, look up tattoo artists whose work inspires you on Instagram to get a sense of what you desire.

People should always come to a tattoo shop  with a few fundamental concerns in mind, according to tattoo artists: “Is the artist’s style and the tattoo compatible with each other?” Is the artist willing to take on that responsibility? What is his/her method of operation? Is it necessary to make a deposit? “How do you handle cancellations?”

Artists in high demand will be booked for months, so the sooner you decide who you want to tattoo you, the better.

Before scheduling your session, a skilled tattoo artist will listen to your description of what you want and then propose a design (s). Make sure you’ve done enough research to know you’ll enjoy that artist’s interpretations. You’ll be pleased, as will your tattoo artist, and your design will be exactly what you want.

Please keep in mind that more complex and/or huge designs will most likely require more than one session, so plan accordingly.

Make sure both your tattoo artist and the shop care about your safety: 

Tattoo artists must meet varying regulations in different states. Some states require individual artists to obtain licenses, while others just require local health departments to license stores. Tattoo artists may or may not be required to complete a blood borne pathogens training certification. Some cities, such as New York City, may have their own standards in addition to state regulations. Apart from ensuring that any shop you’re contemplating complies with local legislation, you should also inspect the facilities. Are they spotless and filled with non-porous surfaces? You want a clean environment where your artist prepares fresh ink that hasn’t been used before and unwraps new, single-use needles in front of you. Keep in mind that a new tattoo is simply a very pretty open wound.