The Different CBD Products


CBD comes in many forms check Nirvana CBD, each adapted to different administration modes; in other words, there is something for all tastes and all sensibilities. CBD can be used in a variety of ways.

Some of them include:

The e-CBD liquids intended for electronic cigarettes are a mixture of a propylene glycol-based and vegetable glycerin with CBD as crystals as well as flavorings or terpenes.

The CBD and capsules to CBD are intended for oral administration consisting of a vegetable oil-based (olive, hemp) with an extract of CBD Full Spectrum (containing other terpenes and cannabinoids) or with CBD crystals.

The additions to the CBD look like oils but have a composition that approximates dietary supplements and mainly contains a mixture of vitamins.

The creams CBD are intended for use with the cosmetic dermal application.

Like candy or drinks such as sodas, the food in the CBD is a pleasant way and hidden for all gourmands consume the CBD every day.

The crystals CBD is one of the purest forms of the CBD (usually to more than 98%) and can be used in many preparations as raw material or be consumed directly but in moderation.

High CBD hemp flowers and leaves are also available in many countries but are not authorized 

How To Consume CBD?

Each consumer will find the CBD product that suits their preferences and their preferred modes of administration.

Administration Methods

The oral administration method is primarily for CBD oils, capsules, supplements, and foods. Oils CBD to quickly assimilate the CBD, especially when administered by the sublingual route, that is to say, by depositing the recommended dose directly under the tongue. The capsules are perfect for those who do not appreciate the vegetable flavors of the oils.

The dermal method of administration mainly concerns CBD balms and creams to be applied directly to the skin.

The vaporization method on a suitable material is intended for e-liquids. It is essential never to use oil containing CBD with a conventional electronic cigarette intended for vaping.

The crystals can be consumed in different ways: sublingually or diluted in an oil or e-liquid. They can also be vaporized directly with a particular material different from electronic cigarettes.

Our Consumer Advice

Each type of CBD product is consumed differently and will not be affected by the same dosage calculation. Therefore, we invite you to always inform yourself well about the method of consumption that you have chosen and respect the dosages recommended by the manufacturers.

In any case, the best way to understand CBD is to start with light dosages that will allow you to experience the effects very gently. Finding the correct dosage sometimes takes time and experience, so don’t be in a rush, and you can get the most out of CBD.