The Best of skin and Scalp Care for You

The benefits of taking care of the body’s skin are what encourages people to start a skincare routine. However, instead of going to a pharmacy or perfumery to choose a cosmetic, how about investing in natural skin beauty products?

If you want to know better the substances that are more appropriate to leave your face clean, hydrated and full of life? Then check out the tips that we have selected to help you. You can choose the Best Sunscreen there now.

Why use natural products for skin beauty?

Despite the ease of buying conventional cosmetics, it is important to know the benefits of natural products for skin beauty. After all, the industrialized ones, despite promising to improve the skin surface, can contain a series of chemicals that are harmful to the body.

  • This is the case with some harmful preservatives, which are used to keep the formulation within a longer shelf life, but are capable of causing allergies.
  • When it comes to skin products, it is also necessary to be careful with comedogenic ingredients , which are responsible for stimulating the production of acne, mainly harming those who suffer from oiliness.
  • Therefore, knowing about cosmetology and investing in natural products for skin beauty makes the skincare routine much better.

What to use on the skin, then?

The use of natural creams is beneficial for your health, since you, knowing your skin type, can understand which substances are most appropriate to keep you hydrated. You can op for the Best Hairfall Shampoo also to keep your scalp perfect.

To clean

If you want to clean or remove makeup, a great idea is to bet on products that use vegetable oils, such as coconut and olive oil, in their formulation.

To moisturize

In that case, natural herbs are very welcome. With anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, in addition to other benefits, green tea and aloe vera are some of the options.

Lavender and calendula also have incredible effects on the skin and you can learn how to make your own facial mask with these two ingredients with our recipe. From Zotezo you can get all the options now.

To exfoliate

If your goal is to remove impurities that are embedded in the epidermis and remove dead cells, exfoliation is the best way. To make it in a natural way, we recommend sugar, coffee, clay and oat bran.

Leading a more conscious lifestyle is a decision that impacts different aspects of our day, whether it is time to eat , choose the clothes to wear and even the use of cosmetics and personal hygiene items.

Stop a minute and think: how many natural or vegan products do you currently use? Among them, do you already adopt in your personal care routine some of the many possibilities of vegan cosmetics?

In today’s post, we will explain better what they are, how you should make the choice and indicate the main benefits.

What are vegan cosmetics?

There are many aspects influenced by the lifestyle adopted by veganism. Food, fashion, entertainment, skin care and beauty are part of this belief, which aims to extinguish animal abuse.When thinking about vegan cosmetics, it can be considered a product that has not been tested on animals and that is also not derived, that is, of animal origin.