Reasons why your dog needs to wear dog shoes

It may seem like a crazy idea to buy shoes for our dogs. While it is true that dogs have thick padding on their paws to protect from injury, there are certain situations where your furry friend will need dog shoes. The first thing to keep in mind is that your dog will most likely try to take off his shoes the first time you put them on. This is a process that takes time and you must be patient. However, there are dogs that enjoy wearing dog shoes from the first day they try them on. A good strategy is to use treats to reward your dog for wearing the shoes. As time goes by and as he feels how comfortable it is, your dog will not take them off anymore.

What are appropriate times for my dog to wear shoes?

There are many situations where our 4-legged friends will feel the benefits of wearing dog shoes. Let’s start at home. Depending on the type of floor we have at home, our dog could wear shoes to avoid getting hurt. They are also an excellent option if your floors are made of wood and you don’t want them to scratch them with their claws when walking. Incredible as it may seem, there are dog shoes designed specifically for each season of the year. In winter you can keep your dog’s paws protected from the cold while in summer you can prevent them from getting burned by the heat of the ground. Walks to the park? If your dog loves to run in the park, you can also protect his paws from sharp stones or any object that could hurt him. Once he gets used to them, your pet won’t want to stop wearing them.

Dog shoes to take care of injured paws

The hardest part of taking care of our dog when he has injured one of his paws is keeping the wound from getting infected. They love to run even when they are injured. There are dog shoes specially designed for these situations. They protect your dog’s paw so that it heals quickly while preventing it from getting infected. Also, depending on the type of injury your dog’s paw has, these types of dog shoes can make it easier for your pet to walk. That way, even if he can’t run or jump due to his injury, he can still accompany you from the room to the kitchen when he wants to.