Plan an epic NYE at home this year with these tips 

As you all know the popular adage, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This holds especially true when it comes to planning something big and beautiful. Let’s say, something like a New Year’s Eve. While you might be in charge of perfecting the event right from the food menu to the decor, you might also stress about getting everything right for everyone. 

The good news is, we are here to help! Let’s plan an epic New Year’s Bash with these noteworthy hacks that will make your event an overnight success: 

  1. Get started with the guest list 

If only you could party all by yourself! Since you can’t, the first step to throw an epic New Year’s bash at home is to work on your guest list, of course. Limit the invitees considering the on-going scenario. It’s okay to be intimate and low-key this year. Thanks to the zoom calls! 

  1. Set the mood 

You’re not just hosting any casual get-together. It’s New Year’s Eve! It has to be perfect in every sense. Get the good times rolling by setting the holiday mood for all your party-goers. For starters, fill the room with candles, fairy lights, and a cosy fire. Remember to embrace the dim lighting set-up this year for your New Year’s party. 

  1. Pay extra attention to New Year’s gifts 

Every special occasion is incomplete without gifts. And when it is the biggest night of the year, exchanging gifts is a no brainer. So, keep gifts handy for all the visitors attending your New Year’s party this year. You can select anything right from personalised chocolate boxes to miniature alcohol bottles as New Year’s gifts for them. 

  1. Perfect the food menu 

Whether you’ve decided to throw a casual brunch or a grand NYE party at home, prepare a meal that is both creative and delicious for your guests. Get everyone to bond over a memorable meal this year. Go all out with a fondue, roasted recipes, one-pot entree, and so on to ensure everyone’s heart and stomach at your New Year’s party is whole and content! 

  1. Make room for a signature drink 

Get over the idea of setting up a full bar for obvious reasons. First, it’s pricey. Second, you don’t want to spend all day bartending people. So, get everyone in high spirits this year by making them a signature drink (with a non-alcoholic option too!) 

  1. Settle on a theme 

A New Year’s Eve is big in itself. But hey, that does not mean that you settle for a barbeque or a luau. Think out-of-the-box this year and decide on an unconventional theme. It does not have to be anything corny. It can even be as simple as a hat party, a sparkly night, or a Bollywood eve. Just make sure that you inform all your guests in advance so that nobody feels left out! 

  1. Make a party playlist 

We hate to break it to you but nobody likes to attend a dull party with no music. So, take this up seriously and make a fun party playlist to kickstart the celebrations. Begin by playing soft tunes once the guests start arriving at your New Year’s party. Later, as the night progresses further, play raging music to get everyone on the dance floor. 

With the above-mentioned clever planning tricks, you can throw a memorable New Year’s party for all your guests this year. Trust us, they are going to love it. So, put on your dancing shoes and welcome the guests with tons of love, laughter, and gifts!!