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Discover Europe’s Best Tattoo Themed Destinations

Europe, as much of the world, is a hive of urban energy. It’s no surprise that Europe, a continent known for its enchanting art and history, has become a favorite home for small business owners and creatives. If you’re a fan of individualism and self expression, keep reading to find out about five restaurants that have a new take on tattoos. There’s so many things to discover, whether it’s an old dive bar with decrepit walls that ooze history, or a fine dining establishment that takes you on a sensory experience surrounded by tattooed interiors. Even if you don’t like body art, the novelty of imagining yourself browsing through these epic finds will be appreciated.

Koi in Aix-en-Provence France

Koi, a new Asian concept restaurant in Southern France, fuses the best of Japanese cuisine with the minimalist style that is so beloved by this culture. You can’t get a tattoo here but you may be inspired to design your next one. You will find a fresco in black and white inspired by Japanese tattoos, right in the center of Aix en Provence’s historic city center. This floor-to ceiling wall covering, inspired by the carp legend, was reimagined and depicts a transition from a freshwater to a dragon. Enjoy the stunning garden views in the dining area, which is open concept and evokes a calm feeling. You can also learn how to use Teppan at the on-site workshop. You can dine al fresco on the terrace and enjoy a savory table d’hote or tasting menu, crafted with care by Philippe Segond. If you prefer to dine in a more casual setting, the raw bar is a great place to relax with a sake or light aperitif.

Wisdomless, Rome Italy

Wisdomless, a cocktail bar and tattoo parlor that is known for its oddities and curiosities has an old-world charm. Wisdomless, a neologism that means “Without judgment, or even lightly”, is a cocktail club and tattoo parlor with an old-world allure. This Roman cocktail bar is characterized by wood-paneled walls that evoke the prohibition era. It’s a trip back in time where you can enjoy the spirit of adventure. The bookshelf features reveal a past life, while Victorian-style tufted sofas add a touch of ornateness. Enjoy signature drinks like whiskey, mezcal and gin. Try the L’assiette au Butter, a refreshing blend of grapefruit bitters, lavender and mezcal. The space is a historical palazzo, which was once a Pope Gregory XIII guesthouse and home to a former academic society. It has an exquisite atmosphere. Explore the art gallery, event space or the tattoo parlor – they are all equally interesting.

Tattu, UK

This asian destination is a perfect example of combining innovation with attention to detail. Tattu, a European culinary success with four UK locations, impresses customers with tantalizing presentations that stimulate the senses. Tattu comes from the Chinese tattoo art and Tatau, which is to “make a mark” in Eastern culture. The name is certainly true. You’re instantly immersed in an aura of magic, with whimsical details around every corner. The faux cherry blossom ceiling will set the mood. The master chef will add thoughtful touches to each plate or beverage, such as ominous smokes, glass cloches or skulls. This is the perfect location for those who like to be noticed. Imagine being photographed beneath a floral chandelier, after a delicious dim sum. You can recreate the sensory overload of the exotic sounds at home if you are still dreaming about the atmosphere after your trip.

Hellfish in Bremen Germany

A quiet tattoo parlor nestled along the Europahafen in Bremen, Germany has built a reputation for itself. Hellfish, a dive that lacks the frills and glitz of other establishments is a landmark for the locals. The international destination has been operating for more than 22 years and employs dedicated team members. Customer loyalty is the core of their business. The mission of this international destination is to create unique works of art for each client. The colorful tattoo studio is akin to stepping into an art museum. It has quirky, playful touches. The details include a large fish tank, and tattoos placed perfectly under a box-like design. Open air spaces are designed to be private, while also allowing for creatives’ love of conversation. What might draw customers is the fact that it’s just a few steps from their tattoo chair. Daytime cafes offer a hearty afternoon snack or a pick-me up. You can also enjoy seasonal specials such as pastrami on Brioche, donuts or a frothy, made-to-order latte. This fiery favorite has been around for two decades.

De Nadas & East Side Tattoo, London England

De Nadas, a new restaurant in London’s hip Shoreditch neighborhood, serves the best comfort food. What’s the menu? With a twist, homemade empanadas. You’ll be as pleased with the crescent-shaped delights as you will be by the exterior. The Argentinian restaurant, with its striking yellow façade, advertises 15 baked, meat- or vegetarian-filled empanadas. The establishment, which opened earlier this summer in partnership with East Side Tattoo of the local area, offered the first five customers a voucher to receive a free tattoo. The only catch was that there was a small one. The tattoo could only be a replica of one of three things. It had to be a likeness of Argentinian football players Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona or, of course, an empanada. Since the witty marketing campaign, the duo have maintained a genuine partnership and encourage customers to enjoy both. De Nadas will satisfy your craving before you walk down to Bethnal Green Road to get a tattoo.

These five places are full of character and a story worth sharing. The decor is unique, with extraordinary touches and passionate artistry. You can relax at the bar and enjoy a refreshing drink while taking in the scenery. Don’t forget to look around you – there may be decades of charm waiting to be discovered.

This post was written by J Michael Taylor. J Michael Taylor is an artist and owner of Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery. Black Amethyst is the best tattoo artist in St Petersburg FL shops. They provide an art-first approach to custom tattooing in a gallery setting.