Is Smart Phone Insurance A Necessity?

The modern society today just cannot do without their cell phones. Smart phones are now a necessity all over the world. The facility to keep in touch with loved ones, business contacts, access to email are the few reasons for the growing importance of cell phones. The modern and technically advanced Smartphone is not only capable of receiving and placing calls, taking pictures, storing data, but is can help you run most of your business practice with its help. They are also a status symbol today in addition to convenience and security. 

The Right Smart Phone Insurance is worth it

Some people tend to drop their phone a lot which can damage your Smartphone in an instant. Repairing or replacing it, can cause a strain on your pocket. Moreover, being without a Smartphone can really complicate your personal and professional life. Cracked screens from drops and liquid damage are the most common kinds of problems for which, a right smart phone protection plan can help you if your phone gets damaged accidentally. Depending on the cover you choose you can get your phone repaired comfortably without having to downgrade to a lower model. 

Also, as smart phones are electronic devices, they can face software failure anytime, rendering the device useless. Sometimes water can spill on your smart phone affecting its working due to liquid damage. Hence, it is important to check out smart phone protection plans and options as soon as you get a new expensive smart phone. Some insurance options are available only within the first 30 days of making the purchase. 

Having a Cell phone Insurance is Smart if You Have an Expensive Phone

When considering a Smartphone protection cover against liquid or water damage, it is very crucial to look at how every plan differs. MCare, a Mumbai based company and a leading mobile phone insurance provider, has plans that offer protection against a number of damages on your Smartphone. They cover liquid damage, physical damage and screen damage for numerous brands and models of smart phones. They do not cover theft or loss of phone. Also, wear and tear is not covered in their protection plans. Any plan you purchase is valid for 1 year from the day of purchase.

You can check out protection plans on their mobile application for android or their website. You can even visit their retail partners across the country. When your smart phone needs repair, you can raise a service request on the website or the app of MCare or even call them. You can rest assured about the security of the Smartphone as they ensure 100% data safety and privacy. Also, they keep you updated about the repair progress through calls, SMS and email. 

MCare has the highly qualified and skilled service engineers for the best mobile screen repair. Getting your phone repaired is very convenient at MCare as it offers a hassle-free pick up, repair and delivery service. Also, they are professionals who do not charge any hidden costs.