How To Send Your Teen to College in Style

So, your teen is headed off to college, and you want to make sure they head to their new university in style. The time between high school graduation and leaving your kid at the dorm can often be scary and emotional for everyone involved. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a ton of ways you and your new graduate can look forward to this significant life change. Whether it is making sure you stock up their new mini-fridge with the best snacks or buying them a brand-new bed set, there are options for all. Check out our tips below when it comes to sending your teen off in style.

Party Time

By the time senior year rolls around, odds are good your child may have checked out as they start to dream about what college might be like. This is the perfect time to plan an over-the-top graduation party, complete with a Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine. Game rentals are all the rage and can be a great gift for any high school graduate who is looking to bond with their friends. A fan-favorite game rental is always a great option, especially if you plan to throw your graduation party outside where there is a lot of room. Along with a fun dance game, you can also look into renting a Playstation or simulator game like the Oculus Rift, which is a virtual reality game your graduate will love. In no time, your home will feel like the local arcade.

Plant Life

Sending your loved one off to their new dorm with a houseplant or succulent is the perfect gift, especially if they have a green thumb. You can Google “send plant as gift,” or you and your college freshman could make a day of it and head to a greenhouse to check out all the options. Some of the best indoor plants for newbies are the snake plant and orchid since they are relatively low maintenance. It could be fun to pick out a planter together for the new houseplant. Having an indoor houseplant can help reduce stress levels, which will be perfect for when finals roll around.


There are some items that will make your soon-to-be undergrad’s life a whole lot easier once they move out of your home and start living in the dorm. Think about investing in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. These will come in handy if they happen to have a loud roommate or just need a bit of “me” time.

An extra set (or two) of sheets is always good to have since you can never really tell when the communal washing machine will be available. You will also want to teach your child how to do their laundry before they go if they don’t already know. Don’t forget to send along plenty of quarters with the detergent, too!

A big lamp and fans are always a solid idea. Now, you can buy a fan that clips to your desk and has a USB port for charging capability. In certain dorms, the school may set the temperature, so it will be nice to have a cooler option.

Going off to college should be an exciting time made even more exciting by the trends that your child will ultimately want to buy for their new space. Whether you are throwing them a major celebratory bash or buying them the perfect plant, your graduate will no doubt be the belle of the ball (or dorm) as they rock up for their first day as a college freshman.