How to Keep Your Baby Girl Warm Outdoor During the Winter

Even with the cold weather that the winter brings, everyone wants to go outside the house for various reasons. Everyone, including babies and toddlers, needs some fresh air. For your baby girl, it can be tricky for you to maintain the right balance between keeping her warm with baby girls’ winter clothes and not layering her so much that she starts feeling hot. Here are some tips to help keep your baby comfortable and warm when it is cold outside.

Dressing your baby girl for the outdoors

  • Dress your daughter with thin bottom layers to trap the heat between garments. Begin with a soft onesie and add leggings and a long-sleeved top. Consider layering her with a snowsuit if it is incredibly cold outside.
  • The layers of fabric should be soft and breathable. Dress her in such a way that you can easily adjust the layers according to her needs.
  • A hat is a valuable accessory that can protect your little girl’s ears from the harsh winter winds.
  • The hand of a baby is one indication to determine her body temperature. Put mittens on your newborn or tuck them in a blanket if you have a toddler, to help keep her hands warm.
  • You can give Kangaroo care to your newborn when travelling outside. This is the care where you directly place your baby on your skin, keeping her cosy and warm. You can also carry muslin cloths or blankets for additional warmth.
  • Put your daughter in a carrier to add extra warmth in the cold weather. For this, you do not need to put an additional sweater on your child.
  • Be careful when using a stroller outside. Do not use several blankets as covering because it can hinder the airflow to your child inside the stroller. You can put on mittens, booties, a cap, and a jacket. Also, try not to walk against the wind’s direction so that your daughter will not get hit by the bitter wind.

Safety Tips

Your little girl must always be dry from the inside. This is because even if the temperature outside is over 40 degrees F, damp clothing can cause moisture and result in hypothermia.

When keeping your daughter warm during the colder months, a car seat can be a big concern as bulky fabrics, such as coats, can prevent you from having a snug fit on the straps.

Keep your baby girl’s skin from getting too dry in the winter

Do you know that water can dry out the skin of your baby? Use lukewarm water and avoid soaking her in the bathtub for a long time. Use a soft cotton towel for patting her after the bath. Too much rubbing can chap the delicate skin of your baby.

Before you step out, apply unscented emollient cream on your daughter’s face and lips, as this can protect her from the winter winds.

While keeping your daughter warm in the colder months can be challenging, a bit of knowledge about proper techniques and the right baby girls’ winter clothes to dress her will give you an idea of maintaining your baby’s consistent body temperature during wintertime.