Here’s Why You Need A Linen Night Dress In Singapore

Singapore is known for its hot and humid weather conditions. Most houses and establishments open their doors and windows while locals enjoy frozen treats to help them beat the heat on warm mornings and afternoons. During evenings, almost every resident turns their air conditioners on to help them comfortably get a good night’s sleep. But sometimes, having the AC on does not do the trick—locals had to wear a singlet or a linen night dress to cool their bodies down and help them fall asleep.

The linen dress in Singapore has been a popular attire for many years. Numerous residents use it for going out, but a few dressmakers have used the fabric to create sleepwear due to its one-of-a-kind properties. Unlike other textiles, linen has a few unique characteristics that make it an ideal nightgown or dress fabric.

But why should you turn your back on your trusty cotton shirt and shorts for a linen night dress? What can you get from wearing sleepwear that features the same fabric as the midi dress in your Singapore wardrobe? Scroll through to learn about the four perks of wearing a linen dress to sleep.

1. Linen Night Dresses Are Comfortable

Most sleepwear is soft and cosy—but nothing beats the comfort of a linen night dress. Its luxurious texture would make you feel like royalty and urge you to sleep and stay in bed instead of heading for work.

2. Linen Night Dresses Are Breathable

If you want to stay refreshed throughout the night, do not think twice about getting a linen night dress. Its natural fibres allow air to circulate, keeping you from bathing in sweat while comfortably resting.

3. Linen Night Dresses Are Moisture Absorbers

Every linen dress you purchase from your chosen boutique or batik shop in Singapore will never make you drip wet with sweat while sleeping. Aside from its breathable quality, the linen fabric has moisture-wicking properties that can keep you and your sheets dry throughout the night.

4. Linen Night Dresses Are Durable

Like the batik clothing in Singapore, linen dresses can last for many decades. Linen textiles are one of the most enduring fabrics that will not shrink or get torn after a few wears or washes. They also do not lose their shape and appearance but can become softer and softer after a few years.

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