Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Gifts

Congratulations! You have been invited to a wedding and that means you will be part of the big day. You have chosen your outfit, and now the remaining thing is to choose the perfect wedding gift for your favorite couple. This is the part where most people have a problem. You do not know which gift will be perfect for the couple. You do not even know how much you should spend on the gift. A lot of questions come up at this point but don’t worry. We have provided answers to the questions that people frequently ask when deciding on a wedding gift. Learn more from them.

Which is the perfect wedding gift?

It may be difficult to know the perfect gift, especially if you do not know the couple that well. However, you can check from the registry if they have registered with a store, or you can ask someone close what they might need. A simple but amazing gift can be a bunch of flowers from Panda Flowers Calgary. While at it, consider the couple’s religion, traditions, personal tastes, and preferences.

How much should I spend on the wedding gift?

Many people feel that the value of the gift should be more than the place you have been given at the wedding. However, this should not be the first thing you should consider. The most crucial point when deciding how much to spend is your budget. How much can you afford? The main intention of the invitation is to be part of the day. That means your presence is more valued than the gift you bring. Therefore, buy what you can afford.

Can I give cash as a gift?

Giving cash as a gift may be a great idea. Now that the couple has already spent too much on the wedding, giving them cash can be a good way of boosting them financially after the wedding. If you want to mail it, ensure it is in form of a check. If you will bring it on the wedding day, ensure it is in a sealed box or personally give it to the bride and the groom.

When should I send the gift?

The best time to send the gift is before the wedding day. This will reduce the load that the couple has to transport after the day is over. Furthermore, you will not worry about the safety of the gift, especially if it is an expensive one. If you cannot send it in advance, bring it to the reception and don’t forget to leave a note bearing your name and address.

Is a wedding gift a must?

As mentioned earlier, the wedding invitation is to request your presence on the big day. Therefore, a gift is not an obligation. It is just a way of showing gratitude for being invited and congratulating the couple. If you cannot send a gift, you can send a congratulatory note to thank them.


Selecting a wedding gift is not an easy task. If a couple has a registry, it may be easy for you, but the challenge comes when everything in the registry has been taken, or you want to buy something different. You will need to consider your budget and what feels special to you. Hopefully, these answers will make it easy for you the next time you are choosing a wedding gift.