Five-Minute Grooming Tricks for the Busy Professional

Busy professionals have too much to do and too little time to do them. It’s the price they have to pay for having big dreams. The sense of fulfillment when you achieve each milestone to success is worth it. However, you don’t need to sacrifice your looks just to get out of the door faster.

No matter how busy you are, learn these tricks to help save your day.

Use your lipstick as blusher

Skip the cheek pinching and go for something more intentional without needing to carry a separate cheek tint, blush powder, or brush. Your lipstick can give your cheeks that rosy glow any time of the day. This might take some practice to get just a subtle blush instead of tomato red dots on your cheeks, so try this at home before opting for this trick outside. Rest assured, once you’ve mastered the art of wearing lipstick as blush, you’re never going back. What’s even better is that some products are already formulated to help them multi-task, giving you a matte lipstick finish and a clay blush to dab and blend naturally on your cheeks.

Pluck the eyebrow hair growth

When you’re traveling and don’t have your full makeup kit with you, you’ll rely on just the essentials to get through. These essentials should include your eyebrow tweezers, which will come in handy when you need to pluck the hair that is starting to grow out of the eyebrow shape you’re keeping. These hair strands can easily be noticeable, but they’re nothing you can’t fix five minutes before you’re out the door. Next time you buy eyebrow makeup online, make sure the set comes with a tweezer or buy one separately. This may be more painful for some more than others, but it’s something you can get used to with practice. Just make sure you’re plucking just the hair and not the skin under it, to avoid extreme pain.

Apply lip balm before a matte lipstick

Matte lipsticks are supposed to be your best friend because they help you look more elegant and posh without even trying. However, getting the application right is sometimes tricky. The thing is, matte lipsticks leave no room for your lips to hide dry or flaky skin. When you apply matte products, they may dry your skin even more, and in the case of lipsticks, they may actually stick to the dry patches and leave them looking more prominent. The lipstick may also not last that long. The solution here is simple. Exfoliate your lips. Use a lip brush or simply brush through your lips with your toothbrush every night. Go to bed with a coat of lip balm, and before you apply matte lipstick, dab another layer of balm. This keeps the skin moisturized, preparing it for the product you will be applying after.

Beauty hacks should be part of a young professional’s arsenal. Now, you have no excuse to not look like your fabulous and gorgeous self as you realize your goals.