Expert Tips in Choosing the Best Portable Blender

According to new studies, Australian households annually spend a combined $14 billion more because of dieting trends. Based on the study published by the Modern Food Trends Report, 86% of Aussies want to follow or try to follow a diet plan.

Aussies, in particular, are very fond of dieting. Most Aussies are physically active and are involved in many sports activities such as triathlon, rugby, cricket, etc.

Traditionally, Aussies are very meticulous when it comes to their meal choices, while social media also drives their motivation to hop into the dieting trend.

One of the most popular devices used for dieting is the portable blender. A portable blender in Australia is a huge thing. Many people, including social media personalities, celebrities, and athletes, use this device to create different healthy cocktails to aid their diet and exercise.

So, what is a portable blender? It is very similar to the regular household blender that mixes, grind, crush, and liquefy different food items such as fruits and vegetables. Like a regular blender, a portable blender is perfect for making nutritious fruit and veggie smoothies or shakes.

If you are planning to buy a portable blender, there are some key considerations you need to bear in mind first. It is because a wide array of brands claim they have the “best” portable blender. To give the best value for your money, check this post to learn noteworthy tips from experts.

Check the Blender’s Motor Power

The motor’s power determines what food items you can blend with the blender. Since you are looking for a portable blender, be mindful of its size. If you want the blender as portable as it can be, choose the smaller version, which usually has a 125-watt motor. Household blenders are above 700-watts of power consumption. It means it uses a bigger motor which is not ideal for portability. Portable blenders are not designed for heavy-duty purposes. Thus, their motor has less power.

Consider the Power Source

When buying a portable blender, always keep in mind its portability. When it comes to this aspect, check its power source if it is a corded or battery-operated portable blender. If you are always travelling, it would be best to choose a battery-operated and rechargeable portable blender. However, choosing a portable blender with a convenient power source is quite easy. It is because most portable blenders in the market feature two or more power source options. Just read the product label to determine the most optimal power source.

Choose Between Bottle or Travel Jar

For those who are always busy or always on the go, the best option to choose is a travel jar. All you need to do is blend the smoothie using the jar, close the lid, and you got yourself a healthy and fresh smoothie. Travel jar is perfect for those who always travel, such as campers and hikers. The downside is, you can only blend one serving. The largest travel jar you can have with you is 32-ounce. The bottle, meanwhile, is as convenient as the travel jar. However, it is very prone to damage and cracks in long-term use.

Check If the Portable Blender Is Self-cleaning

Always choose portable blenders with self-cleaning features for convenience purposes. You are not required to spend more time cleaning the portable blender while you are in a hurry. A self-cleaning portable blender has a feature wherein you only need to apply a small amount of dishwasher and water to the jar and let it spin for a couple of minutes. After that, you can rinse the blender easily with water to make it squeaky clean.

Always Consider the Price

Before buying a portable blender, always make a thorough decision based on your budget. A portable blender in Australia usually costs around $25 to AUD 100. But, do not rely entirely on the price tag, so it is best to research reputable brands you can rely on.

Portable blenders are the most convenient tool these days to supply yourself with a healthy and balanced meal while you are on the go. But, taking a shortcut when you buy one of these will direct you to disappointment, not to mention the money you have wasted. So, always prefer these buying tips to get the best value for your money.