Easy guide for styling shoes with your outfits

There is a great proverb that a person’s character can be judged by his shoes. It is the most important part of the clothing that must secure a place in men’s wardrobe. A great attire without a pair of proper shoes, won’t upgrade your style on any occasion. They often like to shop for different kinds of men shoes for themselves but most of the time, they are unable to decide to choose the right pair of matching shoes.

It is observed that while dressing up for any special occasion, people get confused about what to wear and which men shoes are to match up with their outfit. During this dilemma, they often opt for the wrong shoes with the attire. This happens due to a lack of proper tips and planning. Hence, with the help of this article, I have come up with some tips and tricks that will help you to create your signature style despite any occasion.

  • Buy quality shoes: To cope with the recent trends, at first you need to invest in quality materials rather than opting for cheap materials. To save a little money, we end up with the wrong men shoes and low-quality materials. Quality materials are the key source to making your outfit stunning.
  • Use traditional shoes with the traditional outfit: If you are going to attend any marriage ceremony as well as an engagement ceremony, you must opt for the traditional outfit along with the traditional men shoes. Such as the mojaris jutti or the jutti shoes. These kinds of men shoes are often seeming to be matched perfectly with the occasions.
  • Contrast the color of the bottom wear with the shoes: If you are wearing brown color pants, especially the jeans, then no need to match your bottom wear with your shoes. You can also opt for the slippers. But if you are wearing a formal black suit then you must go for black leather formal shoes. The color contrast is also very important to style your outfit.
  • Use high neck sneakers with your casual wear: Sneaker are the most favouite type of footwear for men that you can match up with any kind of dress. If you are wearing casual dresses or wearing jeans Sneakers, especially the high neck sneakers often go well with them.
  • Use Derby shoes with your tuxedo: If you have a tuxedo, then Derby shoes are ideal for it. No need to think twice, you can always use the Derby shoes with the tuxedo.
  • Loafers with party wear: Generally, we tend to maintain a definite dress code while attending any party. But if it’s a party thrown by one of your friends where your special person is also invited, you can easily go for loafers with your relevant party wear. Even you can also match loafers with your jeans and jackets.

With the above-mentioned tips, you could easily get your signature style in front of your companions and hence snatch their attention light towards you. You can also gift men shoes to your fathers on the special occasion of Fathers day it would definitely be a great fathers day gift idea! Do let us know if your father liked it!