Difference between Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate

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Chocolate is a universal delight loved and consumed by all. Kids love having creamy and crunchy milk chocolates while adults generally go for dark chocolates with deep and rich flavours. Chocolates, made from cacao beans are processed in different ways and found in different forms resulting in unique colours and flavours. Milk chocolates and dark chocolates are two predominant distinctions in chocolates based on their colour and taste.

Any chocolate lover knows that Milk chocolate is a soft light brown chocolate with a sweet milky taste and no sign of bitterness. And that Dark chocolate is a deeper brown chocolate with bitter notes to its taste. But how does this difference come about and what makes them so different from each other?

Milk chocolate

Meltier in nature, milk chocolates contain a lower amount of cocoa than dark chocolates. These chocolates also contain milk solids which are why they are irresistibly creamy to consume and a favourite chocolate type for children. Milk chocolate has a distinct soft brown colour that makes it distinguishable from dark chocolate. Do not confuse milk chocolate with white chocolate as white chocolate is entirely white in colour and contains a significant amount of milk solids!

Dark Chocolate

In comparison to milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains close to no milk solids in them. They instead contain higher amounts of cocoa and caffeine. Dark chocolates are widely enjoyed by adults for their refined and interesting flavour profiles. Most dark chocolates contain exotic ingredients such as fruits, nuts and more which make them even more delectable.

There are three different types even in dark chocolates, depending on the amount or percentage of cocoa present in them.

  1. Sweet Dark Chocolate (contains less than 30% cocoa)
  2. Semi Sweet Dark chocolate (contains 30-60% cocoa)
  3. Extra dark chocolate (contains 75-80% cocoa or more)

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It is important to note that dark chocolate is commonly known as the more natural form of chocolate as it contains more cocoa and less sugar, making it a healthier snack too. Did you know that consuming dark chocolates have several benefits too?

Benefits of Consuming Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates contain flavanols and a few other important nutrients that enhance mood and even reduce cramps and pain! This is why having a bite of dark chocolate on your period can be helpful for your mood and your pain. It also contains several antioxidants which regulate blood pressure and may even protect our hearts from heart diseases! Such is the brilliance of dark chocolate! Now that you know its benefits, we hope you don’t feel guilty about having a quick bite of it now and then.

Now that you understand the main difference between milk chocolates and dark chocolates, use this information to inspire you to choose different kinds of chocolate bars and explore the world of chocolate!