Couple’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

There was a time when wedding registries were confined to fine china plates, bed linens, and crockpots. And with more couples living together before tying the knot, requests for household items have diminished.

Although these are essential items for a starting family, more couples are nowadays preferring cash gifts and other forms of presents. Thus, using an online wedding registry has become the mode of giving for couples.

Gift registries have been a standardised form of sending gifts to couples, reducing unwanted gifts or duplicates. In addition, it saves the giver the hassle of looking for a gift because the couple has already listed them, and the giver only needs to choose what they are willing to give or can afford.

Timing Plays an Important Role when Creating a Wedding Registry

According to recent studies, the wedding registry industry is worth over $19 billion, and the sector is growing. The average gift spending is $6,000, and about 90% of couples create an account for their wedding gifts.

The wedding registry has also moved from creating multiple registries and shopping at physical stores to curated stores. Universal wish lists are also an addition to most online wedding registry platforms, allowing couples to expand their registries to more than just physical items.

Timing is practically important in creating a wedding registry because it is ideal for creating one after the engagement. It would be easier for your guests to prepare to purchase rather than split-second decisions.

Know What You Both Want as a Starting Family

It is common for soon-to-be-wed couples to ask for cash gifts that they can use for a dream vacation or save on their future house funding. However, gift cards and charity donations have also become popular for those who would rather share their intimate moments outside of their friends and family.

Remember that it is acceptable to avoid conventional gift items and gear towards what you both want. For example, it is practical to ask for cash donations towards your dream honeymoon getaway rather than a box of pots and pans that will just be stored in the garage or attic.

Always take the time to know what you want, about your future, and your current lifestyle. Essentially, these areas will help you draw the appropriate gifts you would want to be included in your online wedding registry.

Make Sure to Do the Listing Together 

When doing your online wishlist, always make sure that you have your partner with you. It might be easy to decide for yourself, but doing it together will make the experience much more memorable.

If you are having a hard time deciding what to ask from your guests, you can get input from friends or family members. Or you can also take online quizzes that give you a hint on what’s best to ask as a wedding present.

It is always good to receive valuable input; however, think of their suggestions well before putting them on your wedding registry. Remember that the gift you receive is for your future and not theirs.


Wedding registries have become the most practical means of giving a gift and asking your guests for their well-wishers. Above the experience, never forget to send a thank-you note to those who spent time contributing to the memories of your wedding celebrations. It is something you can do and add to your post-wedding to-dos.