Cool wedding photography Melbourne Ideas For today


Getting that right shot during the wedding ceremony can make a big difference. Professionals make use of tips and tricks that have made them successful. New photographers are experimenting with new ideas. In both cases, the final shot has to be successful.

  • Always try and work out something unique and special for each wedding.
  • Avoid following the same boring shots for each event.
  • Be creative and try to reflect your creativity in your photos.

If we are concerned about wedding photography Melbourne ideas, then it may differ from one event to another. It may also differ from one photographer to another. But here below you will find some unique ideas that can make any wedding album more special.

The Bridezilla shot

Yes, you are right! This refers to that perfect moment when the bride enjoys her first booze shot. This is worth capturing as it can be her lifetime memory. So if you know the wedding schedule, then always be prepared to capture that very special moment in advance.

It can be a perfect coffee cup, soft drink bottle, or even a vodka shot, but it is always going to be very special from the bride.

Entry shot

For any wedding ceremony, guests are often concerned about the bride and groom entry to the marriage hall. This can be a very dramatic moment from the groom’s. It certainly may never be appreciated if you as a photographer miss out on this special moment.

You always have to be prepared with multiple camera locations to capture this magical moment. After all, this is the moment in their life that will change their entire life for the coming years.

Groom getting ready shots

Nothing is going to be the same for brides for their next part of their life. So this moment is what is special and grooms often celebrate it well. Try and get a shot of the groom when she is getting herself prepared for the big day.

For most brides, you can try and capture them in the act of wearing facial makeup or dressing her hair with flowers.

Close portraits

Weddings are never complete if you have not clicked a single close up portrait of both the bride and groom. It is advisable to take at least a few close-up shots for the album. Close up poses can work out its magic in the album.

There certainly can be nothing better than the close-up pose of blushing groom and bride in the album.

Laugh shots

Marriage is a celebration time for everyone. People often enjoy this very moment. Even the groom and bride enjoy their last independence day. They share jokes and talks very often with each other. This can be a perfect shot for professionals.

Apart from this, every moment during the big event is a celebration for a wedding photographer.