Castor Oil From Dandruff

Many of us have had a problem with dandruff at least once. Dandruff, which causes many a lot of trouble, is not only a cosmetic problem but also an aesthetic one in barbershop on Manhattan. In order not to feel the discomfort associated with dry skin and peeling, you have to resort to a wide variety of remedies.

The reason for its appearance is hard water, inappropriate cosmetics, lack of vitamins, stress, hormonal disorders, unhealthy diet. The disease can cause itching and irritation, which in everyday life provides a person with many inconveniences.

According to doctors, white dandruff appearsbecause of a yeast fungus, which provokes the occurrence of such a nuisance.Many pharmaceutical preparations can rid a person of annoying white particles or simply reduce the peeling of the skin for only a short period of time.

The benefits of hair oils have long been known. The oils eliminate split ends, leaving hair vibrant, shiny, and silky. But not many people know that through the use of some oils you can get rid of dandruff. Which oil to choose? Castor oil.

But why is castor oil for dandruff better than drug treatments?First of all, it should be noted that this agent acts as an excellent antiseptic, its use allows you to eliminate the fungus, thereby creating a positive microsphere for the restoration of the skin.

In fact, the product consists of natural fats, which, in conjunction with ricinoleic acid, provides a beneficial antifungal effect.

Castor oil is in many ways better than chemical agents for dandruff control due to the fact that it does not contain any harmful components that can cause allergies or irritation, since a person may have individual intolerance to certain substances in the composition of drugs.There are no official contraindications to the use of castor oil. However, trichologists advise conducting an allergy test before using castor oil. A small amount of castor oil should be applied to an inconspicuous area of the scalp and hair in order to check if the scalp reacts with redness.

Castor oil hasvarious shades in its pure form: from yellowish to transparent. If the oil is very light, then it is a good product.

So, how to use this oil to achieve healthy hair without any dandruff?In order to get rid of such an unpleasant problem as dandruff, it is recommended to use castor oil correctly, since the result of the impact depends on this.

Before you start washing your hair, apply a composition of castor oil, sour cream, honey, garlic, aloe, and lemon juice to the hair roots. The procedure should be completed half an hour before washing.

For dry dandruff, rub castor oil into the scalp every day and slightly massage.

It is very useful to rub castor oil into the scalp and hair. You can rub in twenty minutes before washing your hair, and to enhance the effect, wrap your head with a towel. Castor oil prevents dandruff and greasiness of the skin, makes hair silky and shiny.

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