5 Ways to Make a Statement at Home

It doesn’t matter how long you have lived at your property. At some point, most people get sick and tired of staring at the same boring walls. Luckily, it doesn’t have to take an expensive renovation to add interest to a home. Making a statement can help you elevate your living space; a few minor alterations can do the trick. Here are five great ways to make a statement at home.

  • Bold Wall Décor

One of the most long-lasting ways to jazz up a home is to re-envision the walls. Bold wall décor can make a dull room pop. The most important thing to remember with wall décor is that less is more. Rather than going out and decorating every wall, just pick one prominent wall per room. On your chosen wall, you can transform it from boring to exotic by hanging up a gigantic tapestry or using it to proudly display personal items. Even a few framed photographs can make a plain wall feel more personal. Alternatively, you can make a feature wall by adding a splash of paint in a bold hue or plastering over it with patterned wallpaper.

  • Statement Furniture

After many years of living in the same place, have you found that your home lacks ambiance? Statement furniture could be the answer to your problem. Statement pieces that catch the eye are a great way to elevate the aesthetic of any room and can help create a clear focal point in a living area. Whether it’s a matching set of Ligne Roset furniture in the living room or a grand four-poster bed in the bedroom, beautiful pieces of furniture can truly revitalize a soulless living space.

  • Dazzling Mirrors

Reflective surfaces are great for adding depth to basic living spaces. By reflecting light in a room, they can make a small area appear more spacious. Not to mention, a mirror with an elegant frame can have a dazzling effect. A well-placed landscape mirror in a narrow hallway can make the area feel less tight while adding style to the space too. When decorating with reflective surfaces, you’re not limited to mirrors. Mirrored furniture and fixtures can help add a touch of glam too. For instance, a chandelier with reflective glass can make a room feel more luxurious, while mirrored cabinet knobs can help revamp a dated bathroom.

  • Ornate Plants

Breathe life into your home with ornate plants. Leafy greenhouse plants can help you bring the feeling of being outdoors inside. The natural appearance of plants can help make a living space feel more at home while adding texture to a lifeless room. Furthermore, live plants can help oxygenate a room and make it a healthier place to live.

  • Decorate the Floor

When it comes to home décor, the floor is often the most underrated space. Of course, a brand new floor can cost a small fortune. However, you don’t need to invest in new flooring to make the space beneath your feet more interesting. Any floor in your home can be brightened up with a floor cover. A luxury fur throw can add a sense of hygge to a bedroom, while a brightly colored rug strewn across the living room can help you create a completely new vibe.