5 Things To Do Before Your First Orthodontic Appointment

It is completely natural to feel some anxiety before your first orthodontic appointment. Not knowing what to expect in the room is bound to spark some internal discomfort, it is just human nature. Fortunately for you, there is lots of information about how to prepare and what might happen that you can read before the appointment takes place. This post has five of the most common things to keep in mind before a visit to the orthodontist. 

Plan Your Route 

Planning your route is one major thing that will take the stress out of the equation. Check for the address of the clinic by looking on their website, and look for any other essential information that could be helpful. For instance, if you were visiting, you might want to research the parking options or whether public transport is the better option. You shouldn’t have to compromise on which service you visit just because of anxiety about finding it and getting comfortable. Make sure you leave enough time and understand what to expect when you get there and you will feel instantly more in control of the situation.

Brush Your Teeth

On the actual day of your appointment, make sure you give your teeth a little extra attention. While it is normal to clean your teeth first thing in the morning, if your appointment is not until later in the day it is advisable to have a refresher brush. Not only will this make the orthodontist’s job run a little more smoothly, but it will also boost your confidence. 

There Might Be X-Rays

Prepare your mind for the possibility of mouth x-rays. The clinician may wish to take in the big picture of your oral health, and this often includes x-rays so they can see all the structures of your teeth and so on. If you feel anxious about medical procedures, do some reading to help ease your mind before you go. 

Prepare Your After-Care

Orthodontic assessments are necessary from time to time but they do leave your mouth feeling a little tender. Any form of dentist work is a little invasive, so you may not be in the mood for your usual diet for the rest of the day. Try to have some suitable foods in the fridge and cupboard for when you get back home, and keep painkillers close by just in case. 

Bring Someone With You

Finally, think about bringing someone you trust with you. Having comfort and moral support during appointments is highly beneficial. It will put your mind at rest and means someone else can be there to listen if your mind is struggling to take on board important information. This could be a parent, friend, sibling, or partner, it really doesn’t matter as long as they have your back and you share mutual trust. 

Going to the orthodontist happens for lots of reasons from braces to minor surgeries. The appointment time will vary depending on the purpose, but it is always better to go prepared with information and try to maintain a level of calm.