5 Fresh Flower Bouquets Of Different Combinations

Many people know that roses are symbols of love. But not many know if other types of flowers such as eryngium represent the joy of independence or campanula to express gratitude. In addition, there are many more meanings behind the beautiful figure and charming colors of other flowers. Not only the meaning per type, it turns out that the combination of flowers in the bouquet also has its special meaning if you know the science. For example, a bouquet of lilies combined with roses.

To find out more about the blend of flowers and the meaning behind them, here are some examples of special bouquets for a particular moment:

The Combination of Roses with Sunflowers

Roses are one of the most popular ornamental plants and the most in-demand by Indonesia and the world. The demand for this flower is getting higher, both as an ornamental plant and as a gift to others. Rose arrangements are one of the most requested as gifts.

The demand for bouquets of roses is quite a lot and is not balanced with many providers/sellers. Most rose sellers only sell roses in the form of ordinary stems, not flower arrangement models. Moreover, most of the sellers are only in big cities.

Therefore this time, we will give some examples of models of rose arrangements that you can try yourself at home. At least it can save you money to buy a finished rose arrangement.

Roses are suitably combined with any flower, let alone sunflowers. In this picture, roses are combined with sunflowers and young pandanus leaves. Maybe the roses aren’t visible. But you can see the yellow roses on the back.

Lily bouquet and Rose

Blends and combinations in a flower arrangement will give you the power of imagination and artistic value. Various types of flowers have their characteristics, but they will add a sweeter and more cheerful atmosphere if combined. It also includes a combination of roses and Casablanca lily.

This blend we call the modern European style. Simple, minimalist, but very enchanting. Flower arrangements with smaller diameters with adequate symmetrical theory give a more elegant and elegant impression than stacked flowers. However, we must also accommodate the art of flower arranging typical of Asian countries full of flowers and glamour. Roses and lily Casablanca will remain a sensational choice.

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Combination of red roses and white roses

If you like bright shades, the combination of red and white roses can also create a harmony that is not only beautiful to look at but also charming. The chemistry between red roses and white roses seems to reveal that your love is not only sacred but also warm and passionate.

Red roses are the epitome of romanticism. In addition, red roses are very popular as a symbol of love and affection. The color red itself is known as a color full of courage, passion, and also happiness. Red rose hand bouquet is suitable combined with all kinds of wedding dresses, both traditional and modern dresses with simple, elegant design.

To make the bouquet bright and not pale, white rose arrangements can be combined by including the leaves of roses at once into the bouquet. If you want a more unique and luxurious look, beads and pearls can also be added to the surface of the bouquet.

Combination of rose and lavender

Rose arrangements are less sweet to look at if not combined with other flowers. Well, one of the beautiful blends is between white roses and lavender flowers. This combination is suitable to be the choice of hand bouquet at the wedding.

Lavender flowers are pretty purple. Not only is the color interesting, but the meaning behind the lavender flower itself is also beautiful and poetic. Lavender means loyalty. He has a high level of trust without the slightest hint of treason. If you want to prove loyalty, try giving lavender as a symbol of your loyalty to her.

Combination of chrysanthemums and lily bouquet

Chrysanthemum is a flower known by another name chrysanthemum. This chrysanthemum flower has many shapes, colors, types, and sizes as one of the widely used flowers as decorations in bouquets, until this flower is used in tea. The Chinese first used chrysanthemum tea because it has health benefits. In addition, in China, chrysanthemums as a symbol of vitality and carry the energy of life.

In Japan, this chrysanthemum symbolizes honor and kingdom during the Festival of Happiness to celebrate this beautiful flower. In The City of Chicago, chrysanthemums are considered a symbol of cheerfulness because they are often worn on happy occasions. The diverse colors of chrysanthemums can indicate emotions or feelings. The commonly found meaning of giving flowers is secret, affection, happiness, and friendship. In addition, chrysanthemums symbolize expressions of feelings of joy, loyalty, and many other meanings of chrysanthemums.

White lily flowers, in general, have the meaning of chastity, purity, and modesty. Lily, also commonly referred to as daffodils, is considered a symbol of beauty and is often mentioned in the Bible.

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