4 Essential Things Every Lash Expert Wants You to Know Before Your Extension

As the most populated bustling city in Australia, Sydney is considered as the biggest metropolitan area in the country. The latest Census revealed that approximately 5.73 million people are living in the city as of 2019. People choose to live in New South Wales’ state capital despite its staggering high real estate prices due to the abundance of job opportunities. 

It also has numerous parks and open spaces like the Royal National Park and the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. For those who prefer the waters, they will never run out of options when looking for a relaxing beach to spend a sunny afternoon in the coastal areas of the city. 

Aside from the scenic spots, Sydney is also the home of numerous beautiful people in the world. The people who are residing in the city would confidently show their assets while confidently walking the streets in the city. They would also choose to enhance their appearance to make them look even more beautiful. Eyelash extensions in Sydney is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the city today. 

If you just set an appointment to have an eyelash extension in Sydney, several ways can help you prepare for your upcoming beautification procedure. Here are several eyelash extension guidelines that Sydney lash artists would want you to know. 

Always be on Time

You must consider any beauty treatments as a special time to pamper yourself. It could help you forget about your daily stresses as you enhance your appearance. Because of this, you must avoid hurrying up to meet your schedule. 

You need to be in your chosen aesthetic clinic several minutes before your appointment. It will let you calm down and collect yourself before your lash artist starts fixing your lashes.

Avoid Wearing Make-up

To let your lash artist assess your lashes properly, you must go to the aesthetic clinic without putting your make-up on. The eye area must be particularly clear of any make-up, especially strip lashes and mascara. These cosmetics can interfere with your lash extensions and may cause the new lashes to fall off faster. 

If you are not comfortable walking around the Sydney streets without make-up, you can put on a light foundation and a bronzer. You only need to make sure that these are not oil-based to avoid dissolving the lash glue.  

Avoid Drinking Any Caffeine

Most of the time, the body gets jitters whenever you drink coffee. It can also make your legs twitch and keep you overly stimulated. If you feel like you will have a sudden burst of energy after drinking a cup of your favourite caffeinated drink, it would be harder to keep the eyelids relaxed for a long period. Because of this, eyelash extension experts would want you to skip your coffee dose before your scheduled appointment. 

Look For Eyebrow Pegs 

Eyelash extensions in Sydney are often done by well-trained lash artists who know the best eyelash style and shape for your face. But it would also help you have the lash of your dreams if you have an idea about the type of eyelash that you want to achieve and show it to your lash expert. 

You can find inspirations from celebrity photos posted on their social media accounts. You may also take a photo or screenshot images of women whose lashes appeal to you. However, what looks good on your celebrity idol may not give the same effect on your face. You may discuss with the expert before finalising the lash style. 

By following these tips, you can find yourself having the best lashes that you can flaunt all over Sydney. It would allow your lash artist to apply the lash extension properly without any problems. At the end of your lash extension session, you will be able to have natural-looking long lashes after visiting the aesthetic centre.