4 Common Problems Of Shredding Machine In Singapore

Apart from the air cleaner in Singapore, an office is not an office without a document shredder. There are many reasons why offices must have shredding machines.

Firstly, a shredding machine in Singapore makes sure all sensitive and private documents are unreadable after use.

Secondly, a paper shredder in Singapore helps reduce clutter. It is space consuming to keep stacks of documents in the office instead of shredding them.

Lastly, recycling companies like shredded papers as they reduce their work.

But unlike your office air purifier in Singapore, document shredders always have problems.

Here are the common issues of a document shredder and how to fix them:

PROBLEM #1: Paper jam

Instead of shredding papers, the leaves are stuck or jammed in the machine.


Put your shredding machine in Singapore in the reverse setting to remove the jammed papers.

Unplug your machine and check the blades for blockages. Remove bits and pieces of paper using tweezers.

Oil and lubricate the blades.

PROBLEM #2: The machine won’t operate

The machine won’t turn on despite flicking or pressing the switch numerous times.


Ensure that your paper shredder in Singapore is plugged into the outlet.

Check the cord for any damages.

Check if the machine or the cutting head itself is not displaced.

PROBLEM #3: Noise

It is typical for your shredding machine to produce a buzzing sound, but it needs to be checked if your document shredder is noisier than usual.


First, unplug the machine and check the blades for bits of paper. Remove them using tweezers or a vacuum cleaner.

Next is to lubricate your machine.

Then, plug it and try running it the right way and reverse.

Lastly, feed your machine a few pages until it runs smoothly and quietly.

PROBLEM #4: Shuts down abruptly

The paper shredder in Singapore shuts down in the midst of shredding.


Cool your machine off for 30 minutes and check for paper jam before restarting it.

Save the day at the office by learning how to fix your document shredder!

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