3 Insights To Help You Clean and Maintain Furniture
Everyone has a favourite piece of furniture that they cherish. Consider a nightstand made by your grandfather, or a farmhouse-style dining table big enough to seat your entire family at the same time. Your old comic bookshelves or the double decker bed frame you fell in love with at first sight might be some of your favourite things. Whatever the piece is, it doesn’t matter. It’s important to you that it’s well-maintained. A little care and attention can extend the life of your wooden furniture for many years to come.

This will make it easier for you to clean and maintain your treasured possessions.

1. Soap and water are all you need to clean your furniture.

Dish soap and a wet cloth are all you need to disinfect your furniture. Finish by wiping the surface down with a soap-free towel. Then use a third, clean cloth to dry the surface. Wooden furniture such as a double decker bed can be damaged by ammonia, which is found in many cleaners.

2. Make sure your pets can’t get to your furniture.

When our pets play with us, they may inadvertently scratch and damage our furniture. Cover your wooden furniture with a natural fibre tablecloth, chair cover, or protective pad to keep your pets from damaging it. You can also cover your side by side fridge to keep that appliance safe too.

3. After cleaning, spend some time buffing and polishing your furniture.

After you buy that coffee table from Malaysia you’ll lose some of the shine on your wood furniture every time you clean it. It works like this: Clean and dry the surface before polishing to restore the shine and protect it from future damage For best results, choose a furniture polish without a significant amount of alcohol. Alcohol-based polishes have the potential to damage wood’s finish. Visit Harvey Norman in Malaysia today to see their unique sets of coffee tables. Don’t forget to visit their tech section to see the new Vivo smartphone. Contact their website.