3 Helpful Footwear Hacks

From how to keep your sneakers looking brand new (and maybe bringing home a Dundie in the process) to finally organizing your never-ending shoe collection, footwear hacks are an unexpected yet invaluable asset. However, if you’re underestimating these ideas, you’re almost certainly missing out on another sub-category of helpful hacks—those that can make it easier than ever to strut in your favorite high heels pain-free. From choosing the best pair of shoes in the first place to finding ways to make them more comfortable once they’re in your closet, the right hacks may very well transform your shoe collection beyond your wildest dreams.

1. Find the right shoes.

When it comes to wearing shoes that feel as good as they look, the most potent weapon in your arsenal is, by far, the shoes themselves. So whenever you set out to choose a new pair of heels, boots, or sandals, pay close attention to the shoes you’re considering. Firstly, you must ensure you’re selecting the best style and brand. Wild Diva shoes, for instance, create a variety of beautiful shoes that look good and feel even better. Foot pain will be a thing of the past when you find yourself in shoes crafted by Wild Diva!

Beyond the shoes themselves, though, be sure you’re purchasing the proper size and styles that won’t add additional discomfort. Naturally, you want your shoes to be aesthetically pleasing, but it’s not enough for them to have remarkable beauty. Even more importantly, those beautiful shoes must provide comfort, support, and any particular qualities you need to wear them pain-free.

2. Upgrade your existing favorites.

Maybe you have some shoes you love, but they aren’t quite as supportive as Wild Diva’s would be. When you can’t entirely set aside those stilettos, consider making them more bearable with a Power Step insert. This style of insole will offer a newfound cushion and comfort with each step. If you suspect an issue like flat feet or plantar fasciitis might be to blame for your discomfort, talk to your podiatrist before purchasing a set of insoles or inserts. With their guidance, you’ll ensure you’re buying the best possible option for you and your foot care needs.

If you’re a runner, for example, you’d want orthotic insoles that offer shock absorption and motion control while promoting proper alignment of your foot to the rest of your body. In addition, the right insoles will prevent fatigue while protecting your foot’s tendons, muscles, and ligaments from injury and discomfort.

3. Learn how to walk in your footwear.

Sure, you’ve been walking with a degree of expertise for at least a decade or two. However, no matter how qualified you may be when walking in a general sense, most people don’t have that same talent when walking in heels or if other specific footwear is involved. So, for instance, considering the example of high heels, you’d want to spend time ensuring you’ve learned how to walk in those shoes properly.

To walk in heels with confidence and poise, be sure to walk heel-to-toe rather than toe-to-heel. Small steps, in addition, are typically better suited to walking in heels, while a thicker, lower heel will be easier to walk in by default. No matter what shoes you choose, though, ensure you’re breaking them in and practicing the deceptively simple art of wearing them. Sometimes the issue is as simple as getting your feet accustomed to a new pair of shoes.

When shopping for accessories, you’re most likely considering how they’ll look, or perhaps whether the price tag is within your budget. However, to make the most of your favorite shoes, it’s important to consider much more than beauty. With the right pair of shoes, sufficient support, and a bit of practice, you can hack your way to a more comfortable shoe collection without sacrificing style in the process.