Why You Should Consider the Jockstrap the Next Time You Buy Men’s Underwear

When Aussie men buy underpants, the default choice would always be a pair of briefs of boxer shorts. It takes a lot to convince any man not to see the jockstrap as nothing more than the male version of the g-string. 

In recent years, however, the old ultramasculine culture is slowly changing. You have heard of the metrosexuals who are more willing to experiment in the way they dress. Their fashion sense has become more androgynous, and they no longer look at men’s jockstraps as a glorified g-string.

Once you get over the mental hurdle, you will find that jockstraps offer multiple benefits that other types of underwear could not match.

Here are some of the advantages of buying men’s jockstraps:

  1. They offer unparalleled support — The goal of the jockstrap when it was invented in 1874 remained unchanged; to give unmatched support for men on the move. However, the early iterations of the product were very uncomfortable because of the bands that ride up to your crotch. Technology has changed a lot since then. Today’s jockstraps offer the same support but without the discomfort. 
  1.   They are adjustable — Unlike with men’s briefs or boxer shorts, the straps and pouches are adjustable. It gives you the luxury of finding the perfect sweet spot so that you can wear the undies the whole day without any burn or garter marks.
  1.   They are comfortable — You might not see it when you look at the jockstrap for the first time. The bands around the waistband appear to be uncomfortable as they support your buttocks. But since they are made of stretchable materials, your buttocks will sit just right on the band. Since you have basically no covering from behind, you won’t sweat as much on the scrotum and the crotch even if you are engaged in strenuous activity or sports. 
  1. There’s a wide array of choices — Jockstraps are divided into two categories; fashion and athletics. The straps are made of lightweight material, and the cup offers even more support. The material on the cup has high wicking properties which keep it dry. With fashion, you have different patterns and designs for all occasions. For those who are not afraid to experiment, they can buy jockstraps with lacy bands for that feminine touch. The cups on the fashion jockstraps are not as rigid as they are meant for everyday use.
  1. They are sexy — There is something sexy about wearing men’s jockstraps. Men remark about the jockstrap keeping them “breezy” down there, and it could be this feeling of openness that makes wearing one feels different. It has the support of the men’s briefs and the freedom of movement offered by the boxer shorts. And women do not expect men to wear the jockstrap. If you are out on a date and expecting a nightcap, wear the jockstrap to give your lady another surprise when you strip down to your undies.

Some men may hesitate about the g-string design of the jockstrap because it makes them feel less manly. On the contrary, it takes someone comfortable with his sexuality, even to consider buying men’s jockstraps.

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