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When is QVC Beauty with Benefits 2023?

when is qvc beauty with benefits 2023

QVC, the globally recognized leader in multiplatform video shopping, has long been associated with not just premium products but also charitable endeavors. One such event, which marries the best of beauty and benevolence, is the annual ‘Beauty with Benefits’. As enthusiasts gear up for the 2023 edition, let’s delve into what one can expect and the significance of this event.

1. Beauty with Benefits: An Overview

Beauty with Benefits epitomizes the mantra that a little makeup can make a big difference. It’s an event where QVC collaborates with leading beauty brands, and a portion of the proceeds from sales goes to Cancer and Careers, an initiative that aids cancer survivors in their professional lives.

2. When is QVC’s Beauty with Benefits 2023?

While the specific date for Beauty with Benefits 2023 hasn’t been officially announced as of the latest update, the event typically takes place in spring. Those interested are encouraged to keep an eye on QVC’s official platforms and press releases for the announcement.

3. Why It Matters

  • Empowerment through Purchase: Every purchase during this event contributes to a cause, empowering cancer survivors to thrive in their workplace.
  • Exclusive Deals: The event showcases exclusive beauty products, often including limited-edition items and coveted brands.
  • Gifts with Purpose: Shoppers usually receive a gift with purchase, adding value to their buy and enhancing the shopping experience.

4. The Journey So Far

Over the years, Beauty with Benefits has grown exponentially, both in terms of participation and the funds raised. With the collective efforts of brands, QVC, and its loyal customer base, millions of dollars have been raised to support cancer survivors in their professional journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I participate in Beauty with Benefits 2023? Keep an eye on QVC’s official website, social media channels, and TV broadcasts for updates on the event’s date and participating brands.
  2. Are all products on QVC part of this event? Only specific products, usually highlighted during the event, contribute to Cancer and Careers. Detailed listings will be provided closer to the event.
  3. Can I donate directly to Cancer and Careers during this event? Absolutely! While purchasing products contributes to the cause, direct donations are always welcomed and can usually be made through QVC’s platform during the event.


QVC’s Beauty with Benefits is more than just a shopping event. It’s a testament to the power of collective goodwill, where each purchase makes a palpable difference in the lives of cancer survivors. As we await the 2023 edition, it’s a gentle reminder of how beauty and benevolence can seamlessly intertwine.