What Do You Give For A Wedding In Singapore?

Being invited guests at a wedding, sometimes makes us confused about choosing a wedding gift. For days thinking about what gift is the best, that suits the needs of the bride and groom. Actually, there are many choices of wedding gifts that you can choose from. Adjust the budget you have with the gifts you will give. It should be noted, that don’t let your friends’ or colleagues’ wedding gifts run out instantly.

In addition to being adjusted to the budget you have, another factor that you can consider in giving gifts is the close relationship. Usually, if the bride and groom who invited you are not very close, making a monetary donation will suffice. It’s a different matter if the guest who invited you has a close relationship. For example, a co-worker at the office, a small friend, a neighbor, or a relative.

The close relationship between you and the bride and groom usually prompts you to give a special gift as a happy memory. Household furniture, kitchen utensils, home knick-knacks, to unique decorations can be an option. Better, before you give a gift, first ask what needs are needed by the bride and groom.

If so, is giving gifts to the bride and groom better than just throwing money at them? the answer is not necessarily. Giving gifts in the form of gifts or money is equally good, it all depends on your choice and the budget you have prepared. Then, which one is the best?

Choosing to donate money to the bride and groom is the most common thing guests do to the inviting bride. Simple and easy. You only need to donate some money, then put it in an envelope and give it when you come to the invitation. No need to consider close relationships, donating money is enough.

The drawback, by giving money the bride is not too impressed with what you give. Naturally, maybe almost all invited guests who come will choose to donate money rather than give wedding gifts.

It takes effort if you choose to give gifts instead of donating money. The close relationship between you and the bride and groom usually creates a bad feeling if you only donate money. You have to find the best gift, to suit the needs of the bride and groom. Not infrequently, gifts given can be unique items that take a long time to get. You need to prepare time in advance so that the gift is not too late to be given on the wedding day of your friend or colleague.

Giving gifts to the bride and groom usually makes the budget swell, but this can be circumvented by inviting your other friends to join in buying gifts. The more friends who join, the less money you spend.

Here are 7 choices of gift ideas that can be presented to friends or family who just got married, in addition to wedding flowers:

  1. Cooking Equipment

Starting life as husband and wife of course there are a lot of things that are needed. One of them is cooking utensils. Cooking utensils can be a perfect gift idea to give on your wedding day. Currently, there are many cooking utensils on the market. The types also vary and there are many with unique designs.

  1. Tableware

Still related to cooking utensils, cutlery can also be an attractive gift idea for newly married couples. Tableware products are now increasingly diverse and unique. This item will definitely be needed for a couple who just got married and will start a life together. You can find them at Mother’s day gifts delivery.

  1. Essential Oils

There’s nothing wrong with giving a unique gift that is currently a trend, such as essential oils. This product is very popular and in-demand by many people. A set of essential oils with a choice of varied aromas and types will definitely make the newlywed couple feel happy.

  1. Toaster

Electronic products to complement the contents of the kitchen can also be a valuable gift for newlyweds. But if the budget is still limited, try to choose a toaster product as a gift. The toaster is a toaster that will definitely be needed in the kitchen of the newlywed’s house.

  1. Microwave

If you have more budget, you can choose a microwave as the best wedding gift for a newlywed couple. This microwave is one type of electronic equipment that will be needed in the kitchen. But the price is quite expensive so it’s best to buy it if you have more budget or buy it as a gift for a group of friends.

  1. Cleaning Equipment

In addition to electronics for the kitchen, wedding gifts can also be in the form of cleaning equipment. There are so many types of cleaning tools that are worthy of being gifts on the wedding day. It can be a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, and much more. There is also now a large selection of sophisticated cleaning tools that are sure to be of great use to newlyweds.

  1. Honeymoon Ticket

After holding a wedding, usually, the newlyweds will choose to go on a honeymoon or vacation together. The honeymoon ticket gift will definitely be a gift that is highly appreciated by the newlyweds. It can be a voucher to stay at a hotel or a vacation voucher to a tourist attraction. Gifts like this will definitely be put to good use by the recipient.