Ways To Reduce Hair Loss In Men

Most of the time bad hair care routines, daily interaction with the dust, and not using the appropriate products cause hair loss. Hair loss should not be neglected no matter what is your age or routine. The barbershop Uptown is here with a guide for you to reduce the rate of hair loss in men. Keep reading the ways and adapt the best routine for boosting the growth of hair.

Regularly Wash Your Hair With Mild Shampoo

For the men who are suffering from hair fall issues, it’s recommended to use a mild shampoo. Keep in mind that our scalp is directly interactive with the shampoo. Therefore, the shampooing directly affects the scalp. While focusing on the hair care routine, keep in mind to wash your hair daily. However, you just have to use mild shampoo for the hair wash. Most of the time, daily shampooing is not at all recommended. However, if you are using shampoo, which is having all the natural ingredients according to your scalp, then there is nothing wrong with daily washing.

Additionally, consult the doctor to ensure that you are not allergic to the ingredients available in shampoos. In case of the true condition, find highly natural shampoo for you. You may be thinking that the point is focusing more on shampoo than hair loss. The reason is already mentioned that shampoo is going to directly affect the roots of strands, which can make hair strong or weak.

Vitamin For Hair Loss

The barbershop Uptown is recommending the use of vitamins in order t reduce the hair loss. There is a variety of brands, which are offering the multivitamins for improving hair growth in men. For the same purpose, you can seek help from us to get the recommendations.

For having, the vitamins you can eat the tablets or can enrich the amount of vitamin oriented food in your meals. Both of these are going to improve the growth of your hair and reduce hair fall. Stick to healthy veggies and fruits because they are the major source of vitamins for a person.

Enrich Diet With Protein

Moving ahead in knowing the tips for reducing hair loss in men, protein plays its crucial role. It is worth mentioning that protein is responsible for providing us the healthy and strong hair. For getting the protein, you can use natural products such as eating eggs. Fish along with chicken and meat can be a good source of protein. Most of the men are conscious about their weight and stop eating even healthy foods. For this diet conscious group of men, it’s highly recommended to keep taking protein in diet. Otherwise, you will face sudden and extreme hair loss. Also, protein helps to keep the weight loss journey smooth.

Scalp Massage With Essential Oils

Along with the food intake, oils are not behind for improving the hair growth in men. For using the essential oils for your hair, consult your doctor. While on the other hand, use natural oils rather than using the branded ones. There is a possibility that stored oils are containing the artificial substances, which causes hair damage, which is another problem.

Go ahead with the olive oil to improve the hair growth. At the same time, coconut oil along with aloeVera is also going to help in reducing hair loss in men. Moreover, the barbershop Uptown is there to recommend the best oils according to the texture of your hair.

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

Using the hot tools for the hair becomes the reason for the damaged and broken hair. Hot tools on regular basis are going to affect the roots of strands in a bad manner. The tools may also let you into the situation in which you suffer from the flakes or dandruff. The weak roots along with the dandruff presence become the main cause of hair loss. Some of the instructions from barbershop Uptown are here

Let your hair dry naturally without using the dryer on daily basis. The natural dryness is good for the fine texture of the hair. It keeps the hair smooth and itself becomes the hair care routine.

In case of using the dryer or any other hot tool on your hair, keep the temperature low. It may affect your hair but less than the high heat.

Use the products, which act as the protective layer on the strands to protect them from heat.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking water is the most recommended and effective solution for reducing hair growth in men. Keep yourself hydrated and boost hair growth. No matter how much hectic your routine is, drinking water should not be neglected.

Know What Is Bad For Hair

As mentioned above that you should keep yourself aware of the ingredients to which you are allergic. In the same way, there can be some products, which are not friendly with your scalp type. You must check the health of your scalp and the texture of your hair before sticking with any product.

Not only in the products to use, but also in the food to eat, know which is good and bad for hair.

Avoid Smoking

Cut the smoking habit from your life because it’s not only dangerous for your lungs but also for the hair. Most of chain smokers face an extreme level of hair loss because the shortage of oxygen in the blood causes it. Blood circulation is crucial for the growth of hair.

Physical Activity AndHealthy Lifestyle

Haircare is not just about the branded hair products or laser therapies, it’s something more than this. Hair is affected by your lifestyle. What you eat, in what situation you are, what’s your sleep routine all is going to affect the hair growth in a person. There are some shortlisted things which a person must avoid to have nice hair and fast hair growth

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Pollution
  • Smoking
  • Poor eating choices

All problems can be somehow treated with only one solution, which is regular exercise. Exercise not only aids positive effects in your eating habits but also reduces the stress. Also, for enhancing the blood circulation in the body, the exercise is actually the best therapy.


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