Recently the world of wristwatches has experienced a hike in popularity of both men’s and ladies watch. The feminine world considers the wristwatch as a personal accessory and choosing the best with utmost care hence becomes important. Prior point of selection may be confined to the looks of the same but there is a lot more to be considered while finalising the choice of the suitable ladies’ watches.

The priority of the selection is the best-suited timepiece with a perfect fit and style. Being a lady, I feel that it’s not the technical advancements that matter and influence women’s decisions. So, the choice can be made between the mechanical or the quart movement. With the advancement and revolution, the quartz movement of the watch is the smartest and perfect choice. The quartz watches are powered by batteries and there is no need to employ any manual efforts for maintaining the accuracy of time.

Let’s consider some more important points to be considered while choosing the best ladies watches.

  1. Suitable for your tone
  • As per the dress ups and the occasions, it will be advisable to choose the watch that suits your personality the best. Just like one with the simple design of the dial and minimum decoration will the best for the office purpose or casual meetings and daily purpose. While a jewelled timepiece may go the best with the party wears and occasional celebrations/special events.
  • The timepieces should be chosen in a way that compliments your personality and skin tone. To get the remarkable match of the same the choice must be made with care. Just like a pinkish or reddish watch will suit one with a fair tone and yellow or golden may go well with all skin tones.
  • Similarly, the material of the watch is important too. The ladies’ watches are available in steel, platinum white, silver-white, plastic, ceramic watches, etc. One can choose from a wide variety of options available.
  • Silver and Gold are always a great choice as one of these two precious metals will always, and we mean ALWAYS suit a woman’s skintone, regardless of her natual coloring. Choosing gold watches for women who have darker tones and silver watches for those with a lighter tone is always a win.
  • Vintage watches are also an important option for the ones to whom the budget doesn’t matter.

Then, it’s important to be clear about the type of watch (studded or casual, normal one or metallic one etc.) you want.

  1. Type of dial you prefer

Whether you prefer a big dial or a small dial is a matter of consideration. Whatever may be the choice, it should be following your wrist size. Normally, for a women’s wrist, a dial with a diameter of 34-38 mm is preferred. The sapphire crystal watches are an unarguable choice.

  1. The strap types

The feminine world defines fashion well. Hence women generally believe in matching their accessories with the dressing up. Watches also forms an important part of the same and so with the availability of interchangeable straps matching the watches as per the convenience has become easy. The choice can be made between the metallic bracelet look and the plastic straps. The material that best fits your choice and budget can be selected from a wide range.

Similarly, there are leather straps that add elegance and sophistication to the choice of watch. These straps never go outdated and are always trending. These go well with black stilettoes and black leather jackets/bags. The colours of these leather straps can be matched exactly with other accessories.

Concluding, it can be said that the choice of ladies’ watches should be made with care. Hopefully, these points will help you get your perfect timepiece. Even if you want to gift it to someone you should consider the mentioned details for choosing the best.

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