Three Best Underwear Options for Men

Do you wear a suit and tie for swimming? The short and sweet answer is no. The same rule applies to men’s underwear. There are times when you can wear regular boxers, and there are times when you might have to wear men’s sexy underwear.

The next question is, what are the types of men’s underwear you can wear, and when should you wear them? Let’s go over the options.

Know Your Options

Men’s underwear has been around for more than 7,000 years. Back then, several millennia ago, prehistoric men just wore leather around their loins as a protective layer. Comfort, style, support, and other details were not the main concern.

Fast forward several thousand years into the future—thank goodness—we have more options than just the good old loincloth. Some men’s underwear is well-suited for everyday use, others are perfect for the gym, and others, like men’s sexy underwear, are best worn at night under the sheets.

You should know your style options to get the level of support and comfort you need throughout the day.

Option #1–Boxers

For casual everyday wear when you’ve got nothing important to do, or if you have no plans of going out of the house, they’re the ones you can definitely go for.


  • They’re loose-fitting
  • They are breathable
  • Good for sleeping and lounging
  • Usually made of absorbent cotton or any breathable material


  • Offers very little support
  • They don’t work well for skinny jeans
  • Tends to bunch up under your pants
  • Not for sports

Option #2–Briefs

Briefs are the ones you can wear under skinny jeans, and they’re perfect if you have plans to go out of the house. They’re also good for everyday use and moderate sports.

They offer minimal coverage and have no legs. They offer more support than boxers, and they don’t tend to rise or bunch, which is great if you’re wearing tight-fitting pants.


  • Great for low-rise or tight pants
  • Doesn’t bunch up
  • Elongates the look of your legs
  • Good for moderate sports


  • Gives you an old fashioned look
  • Not suited for larger people or those with bodyweight issues
  • Accentuates any portly figures

Option #3–Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs give you the best of both worlds from briefs and boxers. They’re also great for moderate sports and everyday wear.

They look great when you put on your gym shorts, pants, and workout clothes. Think of them as your men’s underwear option for sporty activities and the outdoors.


  • Suitable for all men regardless of their size and fitness level
  • It’s a good fit for workouts
  • It’s a great option for many types of fitness activities
  • Reduces friction on the thighs
  • Good fit for all kinds of pants
  • Flexible and offers the right amount of support


  • Tends to ride up your legs
  • Gets damp easily—not as breathable as other men’s underwear

Pick the One You Need

So, which style of underwear should you use? The answer is in the type of activity you have for the day. Choose the underwear by the activity you’re going to have, level of support, fabric, and the type of pants you’re going to put on.