The best resources for planning an engagement

You’ve seen it in movies and on TV. You’ve probably seen it on your social feeds and you might have been lucky enough to see the real thing! If you haven’t gathered, we are of course talking about proposals. Seeing someone get engaged is so exciting, but nothing tops being in that moment for yourself!

Reading this, it’s fair to assume you’re thinking of getting down on one knee. To you, we say congrats! There is so much to think about when planning an engagement; it’s hard to know where to start. It looks so easy on-screen, but pulling off the real thing takes a lot of time and planning.

Don’t worry, we are here to help! In this article, you’ll find the best resources for planning an engagement!

Friends and Family

Often playing the role of a con artist in many engagements are beloved friends and family. Depending on who you approach, they will likely have proposed, been proposed too or will be close with your soon to be fiance. Friends and family can act like your people on the inside, providing tips and information without arising suspicion. Be mindful of who you recruit to your cause though – you want to be sure they can keep a secret!


Engagement rings are one of the most important parts of a proposal, so you need to get this part right. A specialized jeweller can help you choose the correct stone and band, so you end up with the perfect Valentina engagement ring to give your partner. They can also advise on current trends and options for any budget. When in doubt, trust the pros!

Proposal Stories

There is an untold amount of proposal stories out there. Spend some time reading and watching and see what inspires you. It’s near impossible to come up with a completely original proposal, but that doesn’t you can’t put a spin on someone else’s proposal to make it your own. Even if you only see proposals you don’t like, this will simply get you closer to what you’d like to do.

The Internet

Like everything else in the world, many of the answers you’re looking for can be found online. So, open your computer and search away! Use a device your partner can’t access if possible, otherwise, be sure to wipe your search history – you want to keep the element of surprise.