Simple Buying Tips for Perfect Engagement Ring 

New York City (NYC), also known as the “Big Apple” or “The City that Never Sleeps,” is the United States’ most populous city. With an estimated population of 8.3 million in 2019, this city is located at the southern tip of New York state.  

NYC is known as the world’s financial, media, and cultural capital, heavily influencing entertainment, commerce, technology, education, research, politics, tourism, fashion, arts, and sports. It is the United Nations headquarters, making it an important center for international diplomacy. 

Moreover, New York City has some perfect places where you can ask the most important question of your life to your girlfriend. Imagine asking your girl to be your woman in a place where you can find a rich fusion of culture, history, and classic romance. The city has witnessed many of the legendary love stories in the world, offering tons of romantic locations.  

Furthermore, you can also find a fine Engagement ring made in NYC that is handcrafted by talented jewelers. But before you dive into these jewelry shops, below are some tips to help you find the perfect engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancé. 

Know the shape that she wants 

Knowing the diamond shape that your girl wants will help you find the perfect engagement ring for your proposal. Each shape or cut has a different price per carat. Round diamonds are the most expensive cuts while marquise and pear are less expensive. 

If you want more carats at the best prices, opt for alternative shapes, such as oval. Make sure that you have one or two shape options before heading out to shop to buy an engagement ring. 

Choose the right metal for the band 

Usually, engagement and wedding ring bands are made from white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or silver. However, in the past years, rose gold has become a modern alternative.  

Platinum and silver look the same, but the first one is more expensive as it is harder and rarer. Moreover, some metals can easily get scratched compared to others, so you need to consider lifestyle aside from the budget. Choosing the right metal is vital before making the final decision. Once you have decided which metal is best, you may consider thinking about if you want some stones embedded in the bands, too. 

Get the right measurement 

This is obvious, but some tend to forget to measure the ring finger before buying an engagement ring. You have to make sure that the ring will not obstruct the finger’s blood circulation, but it is not too loose; it could fall off. The ring should feel snug but comfy.  

If you are about to buy an engagement ring, chances are you are buying without your partner as it should be a surprise. Be creative in asking her the size without her realizing that you are buying her a ring. You can also ask her best friend as there is a good chance that the best friend knows it. 

It should match the wedding band 

Now that you are ready to head to the shop and choose the perfect engagement ring, you need to know that buying one is just half of the equitation. Remember that the engagement ring should match the wedding band that she will wear in the future.  

If you are going to buy an Engagement ring made in NYC, you can ask the jeweler’s help to plan the designs of the rings from engagement to wedding. This way, you can make sure the engagement ring and wedding band will match. 

Wedding proposals are one of the most exciting moments that you can experience. Besides the most romantic place, you need the prettiest engagement ring to make this moment more memorable. These simple tips should help you find the best one for your special someone.