Short Story for Retail Therapy and more

Retail therapy is a real thing! People, especially women, love to shop to cheer themselves up. Retail therapy is no longer associated only with outfits, people love creating a good day-to-day experience by making their surroundings cozier. People buy candles online for a calming fragrance and they invest in good room decor as a part of their retail therapy. Short Story has many such products that are a great treat to yourself and a cute gift to your loved ones.

Short Story was founded with an intention to create special experiences and stories by providing the most meaningful gifts that can be given to your friends or family. These days surprises and gifts arrive in small packages that are a gesture of love. Along with them comes lots of happiness and the biggest smiles. They have everything right from Star Wars references to fancy jewelry.

What are some of the different products that are available on Short Story?

There are various different products available on Short Story under different categories.

  1. Gifts- Short Story has the cutest products available under their gift section. It consists of different bouquets, bookmarks, small pouches, stuffed dolls, showpieces like Chill pills, and messages in bottles pieces.
  2. House Fragrances- A good fragrance can make a huge difference to the ambiance. Short Story has an amazing range of Scented Candles, Diffusers, essence.
  3. Jewelry- Wearing the right jewelry can elevate any outfit besides most women love buying new jewelry. They have different Charms, hoops, studs, necklaces, rings, different pendants, etc.
  4. Wall Art- People love decorating their rooms. Different wall art can pop so many colors into the background. Short story has wall art available in different sizes that you can order according to your need. They also have very fresh frames that go well with any background.
  5. Mystery Boxes- They also provide a few options of mystery boxes that come with different products depending on the theme of the box chosen by you.

Their online stores work very well on their websites and Apps but they haven’t stopped there. They had 3 different Pop-up stores over the country. They are presently closed. All the online stores have one or the other kind of Sales or promo codes. This makes all of these products very affordable to the ones to want to purchase the products. They also have various reviews available on their website which will help you understand if there are any red flags.

If you wish to check out their stores you should visit their website and find many more products that are very adorable. They ship all their products to any part of the world with the applicable delivery charges.