Rolex Has Maintained Its Sophistication Through Its Various Ranges

Rolex is claimed to be a luxury watch whose varieties are unique for their features, craftsmanship, and, most importantly, classy look. Rolex Daytona is distinctive among many types as it is worn mainly by race car drivers because of its racing circuit. So here in this article, we will discuss a few about this renowned watch and why it is famous.

What Are Its Qualities?

Rolex has many qualities, and every watch is different in its features. This racing watch measures the time and speed of a racer, which is required while driving a racing car. This particular watch has been improvised yearly. It was first invented in 1963, and later, in 1988, it came up with additional features. Then, in 2000, some parts were added to meet customer demand. In motorsports as well, Daytona has gained a lot of popularity.

How Does It Look?

Rolex Daytona looks sophisticated as the design is in its heart. It is made up of gold, silver, or platinum, and its symbol, the crown, is placed at the top. It refers to brand commitment and excellence. The tachymetric scale is placed on the bezel, which will help the car drivers measure the speed, and this is an essential feature for racing professionals.

Through the advancement of technology, this watch has improved its design externally and internally; the self-winding movement has been added to make its customers happy. The self-winding machine provides accuracy and reliability.


All the varieties of Rolex are sturdy and durable and guarantee longevity. Sports cars travel through much dirt or dust, but the watch remains intact and shiny once the dirt is removed from its surface. It also has a water-resistant property, which is best for those who are into swimming. It is resistant to all scratches, corrosion, and harsh UV Rays and can’t fade its colour and glow.

Daytone is explicitly made for racers, but it’s not that it can’t be worn on any occasion. It can be paired with a racing suit or with any formal suits. This watch can adapt to the surroundings and express its polished look.


Among many luxury watches, Daytona is a distinguished one. It was sold in leather and steel bands, both of premium quality. Till date, Rolex is maintaining its sheer excellence and prestige and provides an exact time which helps them to enchant the world.