Five Questions Every Safety Manager Should Ask When Choosing High-Vis Apparel -- Occupational Health & Safety


Safety equipment, especially in today’s COVID-19 reality, is an essential part of a daily laborers’ job. They protect workers from exposure to harmful environments and chemicals, depending on their job requirements. Be it a construction worker or a chemical engineer, safety equipment or Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is mandatory for high-risk jobs. Thanks to the digital revolution, one can now buy safety workwear online as well; they come with the necessary certification that makes them fit to be used on the field. With the global pandemic, PPE kits have now become a part of everyday life. They promise safety when used correctly.



Hardhats, safety goggles, earplugs, and respiratory kits are some of the few safety apparel required of a daily laborer, be it a construction worker or a factory worker. The goal is to protect the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of your body, your eyes, ears, and your head. Some jobs call for a full-body PPE kit, as workers might be exposing themselves to dangerous environments that are contaminated by some chemical material. 

With the arid climate here in Australia, it is also required for them to protect themselves from the elements; when frustrated with the weather, we are more likely to stop paying attention to our surroundings, possibly putting ourselves in danger’s way. 

While the employers usually provide the necessary PPE kit, a better fit can be obtained by purchasing your safety kits yourself. It is required that your PPE kit is precisely your size for both comfort and safety; a mismatched size can lead to occupational hazards. Nowadays, one can purchase their safety workwear online, making it easier for workers to access their necessary equipment wherever they are. Ensure that the equipment you invest in meets all the regulatory requirements set by the Australian Government.


Apart from having safety equipment on you, it is crucial to know how to use your kit. Employers provide the necessary training to protect workers from their hazardous work environments. The PPE kit is only as good as it is used; it is vital to use them correctly to maximize their benefits. People are inclined to remove their kits when they feel uncomfortable, but it is best to keep them on despite the discomfort. 

Safety training and equipment apply to high-risk situations as well. Be it a fire or a gas leak, the equipment, and how well it is used could potentially save a life. Special Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) is available for those who work in contaminated air or high-temperature areas, protecting their windpipe and lungs from harm. 


During the global pandemic, everyone had to invest in PPE kits to safeguard themselves from the virus. Many did not use it properly and were at a higher risk of being infected than those who did use it properly. While it was and still is advised to stay at home, some jobs do not offer that luxury. PPE kits have gained a significant value in everyone’s eyes today and, along with it, the correct usage. Health workers and day laborers need the right equipment to protect themselves while helping others, making quality safety gear necessary today.