Perfumery for Beginners: How to Select Fragrances to Suit The Occasion

Perfumes are one of the unseen accessories that complete your attire. The power of scents is so versatile that it can neither be ignored nor overemphasized. There are many factors that go into selecting the right scent for an occasion. Experienced perfumers might select fragrances based on age, event, attire, or weather. However, for beginners just discovering their love for perfumes, it might be a bit trickier to make the right choice.

How to Select The Best Fragrances For Your Perfume Collection

There are several ways to classify fragrances. Perfumers organize them according to various things. For example, fragrances can be grouped according to their base scents. We have:

Aquatic Scents

Fragrances in this category are usually classified because they smell like the sea, ocean winds, and sea salts. They have mild, subtle undertones that are great for sunny outings, holidays in tropical and desert regions, and keeping fresh all year round. You can also use them as a base fragrance for when you want to mix different scents.  

Floral Fragrances

These perfumes are a versatile category. Scents like lavender can have calming effects and also fend off insects. Floral fragrances come with many healthy benefits for your mood and confidence as well. They can have psychological effects on you and the people around you.

Woodsy Musks

Certain fragrances smell like the scents of freshly carved wood, the forest, or newly polished leather. These scents are classified as woodsy fragrances. These perfumes are great for boosting confidence. You can use them when going to the club, have a big corporate event, or want to bring out the dominant side of you. Memo Paris fragrances has an African leather perfume that’s a prime example of a suitable woodsy scent for outings.

Exotic Perfumes

Some scents can’t be easily classified because of how unique they are. These fragrances are a mix of unique plants, or they scent like specific places. Perfumes like this are great for travel. Cherry blossoms, cinnamon, vanilla, wild oats, blueberry, and other alluring fragrances are examples of exotic perfumes. You can wear them if you want to stand out in the crowd. They have subtle fragrances that play on the senses and leave people around you wondering what perfume you’re wearing.

@Fruity Scents 

Almost everyone loves fruits, so perfumeries have created nice fragrances that scent just like them. You can select from a wide collection, and you never go wrong with citrus scents or the occasional banana fragrance. Although fruity scents are always fun, they’re most suitable for summer. In winter, their smells can get a little overwhelming. However, if you find a milder version of fragrances like orange or lemon zest, they are suitable for everyday use. 


While selecting perfumes based on their classifications is excellent, you also need to pay attention to the amount of ethanol and the type of perfume (Eau de parfum, oil perfumes, and perfume oils). It’s always important to remember to go for scents that you’re comfortable with when you start and grow into a more extensive collection.