Pants Hangers – Buying Guide for All Shoppers

When shopping for IMHO pants hangers or closet hangers in general, there are certain things you need to consider. Many shoppers would simply look at the price as the basis of their choice, but there is more than just the price. First, you have to know that there are plenty of options for clothes hangers. They vary in terms of styles and materials. To give you an idea about your options, keep on reading below.

  • Plastic hangers

They are the most economical choice. Not to mention, they are lightweight and available in many designs and colors. So, you will always find one that suits your taste and needs. The downside is if you are going to use them as hangers for pants. As you know, pants are quite heavy, especially those made from thick denim fabric. Some plastic hangers might not able to carry the heavy load. If you stick with plastic hangers make sure you choose the one that is made from high-quality plastics. They cost more but are certainly worth your penny.

  • Wooden hangers

When it comes to elegance and durability nothing can beat hangers made from wooden material. Wooden hangers are a closet storage staple. Just like the plastic ones, wooden hangers are available in different designs and styles too. They are often used for hanging heavy fabric clothing such as pants and jackets. While they cost more they are a perfect value for money. They are extremely durable and will definitely last for a lifetime, of course, with proper care and maintenance.

Aside from plastic and wooden hangers, you can also find hangers made from metal and a combination of different materials. While the designs, styles, and sizes matter, one should always consider durability as you will be able to save money from it in the long run.