Must-Have Shoes in Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Among all the closet pieces that you can purchase, shoes tend to be one of the more challenging decisions to make. Unlike clothes, you usually do not purchase shoes as often as you purchase tops or bottoms, so you naturally want to get pairs that can be worn on many occasions. However, shopping for them is not easy, especially when you get easily attracted to different pairs.

It can often be easy to hop onto the latest trends or fall into the temptations of buying a cute pair of shoes you find in the store window. However, choosing the right women shoes is important to ensure that you get the most use out of each pair you own. Try to think about it: How often have you experienced making an impulsive purchase, only to find that you end up wearing the shoes just once or twice before leaving them in the closet?

While there are several shoe options to choose from, it is no doubt that a few classic shoes stand the test of time. Check out some of the essential pairs that every woman must have as they work with changing seasons and varying occasions, so they are sure to stay with you for a long time.

Black Pumps

The first must-have and something you can never go wrong with is a pair of classic black pumps. These work with practically any outfit combination and can be worn for several occasions, including more corporate events and leisure events like parties. When choosing a pair, it is best to opt for a simple cut and shape, as well as comfortable heel height, to ensure that you can wear your pumps for a long time.

Ballet Flats

Black pumps are certainly a classic, but every woman also needs a pair of shoes without heels for certain occasions. As such, ballet flats are another must-have women shoes and arguably the top choice for everyday wear. They are not only extremely comfortable but also wearable with different outfits. You can go for a more feminine look by pairing them with dresses and skirts or go for a more casual outfit of a t-shirt and jeans or shorts.


The first two pairs of shoes on the list are more frequently worn during spring and summer, as the weather is pleasant enough to have some skin exposure. However, once the colder months begin, you will need adequate protection for your feet, so having boots during this time is essential.

Boots come in a range of styles–heeled and flat, knee-length or ankle-length, and others–so look for a pair that matches your personal taste and can be worn on many occasions. Given the variety of options, you can get two pairs for your wardrobe. One can be more on the stylish side, such as combat boots, while the other will be more functional, such as tall knee-length boots.


Last but not the least, you need at least one pair of sneakers. Nowadays, you will spot several people wearing sneakers no matter where you are because they are extremely comfortable and versatile. You can wear them for a casual and laid back look, but you can also dress them up to get a more chic look if the need arises. Sneakers can also ensure that your feet will not hurt even if you walk for long hours in a day. 

No matter what your lifestyle or day-to-day activities may be, the four pairs of shoes listed above are absolute classics that you will find yourself using at all times. Though shoe selections today are extremely versatile, with varying designs and styles, you can never beat the essence of having classic pairs that will stay in style even years after your purchase.