How Can I Make a White Lily Bouquet for a Wedding?

Is there any wedding coming up, or is it yours? The white lily bouquet is a perfect choice—the pure, white color and the beautiful petals have been associated with beautiful, classy marriage for decades. Now, where can you get the white lily bouquet for a wedding? Should you make your own? Well, it’s a great choice to opt for DIY flowers, especially if you have a particular budget for the decors. We all know that finding a florist to create the lily bouquet for your wedding would be more convenient, but you can do this on your own if you want!

To make your white lily bouquet for a wedding, you need to think about a couple of things first. Cut flowers are sensitive to temperature, so you would need to have a place to store the flowers in. Next, how many lilies are you going to need? If you want to have many lilies at your wedding, you would also need to prepare the transportation and time on the day of your wedding to set up the lilies. If you know the answers to those three questions, let’s move on to making your lily bouquet!

The meaning of lilies at weddings

There is a reason why lilies are popular as wedding go-to flowers. Out of all the types of lilies, the most chosen one is calla lilies. These lilies show the magnificent beauty that your wedding embarks, along with the beautiful bride in a classy white dress. White represents purity and sincerity, an excellent way to start a marriage. Knowing what the flowers you use in your weddings symbolize means you are talking to your guests through the language of flowers. Isn’t it merely romantic?

Lilies are also the symbol of royal majesty, with a light fragrance that compliments any spring and summer weddings. Another type of lilies that are perfect for weddings is the lily of the valley. Lily of the valley embraces the scent of happiness. It is one of the types of flowers used in Meghan Markle’s wedding bouquet.

How much would it cost to make your lily bouquet?

Creating your lily bouquet would be much cheaper than purchasing directly from a florist. You can save more than half the price with a DIY bouquet. The cost may be different depending on which types of bouquet you want to create: bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, bouts & corsages, vase centerpiece as well as ceremony flowers. You can directly contact your local wholesalers or florist to understand the pricing because some places might be different. For a bridal lily bouquet from florists, it would cost you SGD 100 to 300. You can get a much lower price if you want to make your lily bouquet, around half of the original price. This is because your florists’ bouquet requires floral arrangement skills and more time and resources for the florists.

What are the benefits of creating your wedding lily bouquet?

There are several reasons why DIY flowers are great for your wedding. Besides the budget part, you can give the bouquet a personal touch with your unique creations. Imagine if the guests compliment the flowers at your wedding when you are the one who makes it. But, you don’t have to be alone on this. You can ask or consult your wholesalers or florists regarding this matter. You can also search for flower recipes online that would ease your DIY wedding project! The best part is, you can get your bridesmaids to create these bouquets together. Wouldn’t that be a great bonding time with them?

How to make a lily bouquet for a wedding?

First things first, you need to prepare this way before your weddings have started. Perhaps around two months before the big day, at least. You can begin by consulting with either a flower consultant, local florist, or flower wholesalers. This is a crucial part of the planning and listing down what you need! If you consult with a flower consultant, do contact them weeks beforehand to ensure that they have time available to book an appointment.

You can then place your final order around three weeks into the wedding. This is the perfect time because you want to let everything else about your wedding set first. Flowers can be ordered last, so you would have a fixed list with the number of flowers you need. Ensure you place the order after you have a set table setting, so you know how many centerpieces you will create. That would require knowing how many guests you will have; therefore, ordering the flowers last is essential. But, you can place your order way before this if you already know precisely how much you need. Please don’t go for more than three weeks because it would be too risky!

The flowers should arrive one week before your wedding, along with flower foods and other stuff you would need to keep them fresh until your wedding day. Usually, these flowers come with long boxes wrapped together with rubber bands and newspapers or other packing materials. Once the lilies have arrived, please put them in buckets and add the fresh, cold water with flower foods. Your florist must have also included directions on how to prolong the flowers’ freshness, so you should follow that.

The next thing you should do is to prepare the flowers. Trim the stem’s bottom, around one to two-inch diagonally, and put them in the water. Don’t overcrowd the bucket to create room for the lilies to bloom. Once you’ve prepared the lilies, you can make sure that they are hydrated enough with a dark, cold environment. You should change the water and trim the stems every two days.

Next, make sure that the flowers have arrived at the wedding destination one or two days before the wedding. You’d want to prepare all the arrangements and bouquets right the day before, or if you have a night wedding, in the morning. Make sure you have enough people to help you, and you can begin decorating with your DIY lily bouquet!