Eyce Silicone Nectar Collector –Perfect For Travelling

Cannabis, pot, or marijuana in which name you call it, have a long history associated with human beings. Evidence shows that herb was used in Asia around 500BC for therapeutic use, not to get high. Cannabis was planted in colonial times in America to be used in building ropes and in the textile industry. In the 20th century, this herb drew much attention and criticism and changed its authorized status many times in many states of the US. This hemp plant was initially originated from Central Asia, and its exodus continued to Africa, Europe, and then to America. The fiber of this plant was used for making paper, cable, sails, and clothing, and its seeds were consumed by people.

Cannabis was easy to farm, rapidly growing with numerous benefits. Due to these reasons, it was widely cultivated across colonial America and the Spanish colony in Southwest. In areas of Massachusetts, Virginia, and Connecticut, it was extensively farmed, and migrant laborers were required to harvest it. These original versions of the hemp plant had little concentration of THC, the compound responsible for the hallucinating, high effects on humans. As people of the old era knew about the intoxicating properties of hemp, they may have developed some other varieties which had a high dose of THC. Mostly this herb was used in ceremonial rituals or for healing. Charred seeds of marijuana were found in graves of shamans in Siberia, and china dated back to 500BC.

Medical benefits

Sir William Brooke, an Irish doctor, residing in India in the year 1830, discovered some medical properties of marijuana that reduce symptoms of cholera-like stomach ache and nausea. Extracts of cannabis were found in pharmacies across America and Europe in the 1800s to treat stomach pain and other diseases. THC is the principal source of the healing properties of this hemp plant. THC cause hallucination and high feeling in the human brain but also reduces vomiting and promotes appetite. US Food and Drug Administration endorsed the use of Marinol and Syndros, two tablets that have marijuana components to treat nausea caused by chemotherapy in treating cancer, and loss of hunger in AIDS patients.

Recreational purpose

Marijuana was used to get high in ancient Greece as nomads from central Asia used to inhale fumes from blazing cannabis flowers and seeds to roam on the ninth cloud. Hashish was commonly used by men in the Middle East part of Asia in 800AD. As many Mexicans took political asylum in the US during the turbulent period Mexican Revolution, they brought this recreational practice of marijuana smoking. Marijuana was turned into evil weed during the Great Depression, and 29 states of the US banned the use of marijuana in 1931.

You can store your oil rig concentrate in eyce silicone nectar collector. The portable titanium nail makes it perfect for dabbing while you are travelling. You can keep it in your coffee table to keep everything spotless and neat the concentrates do not stick to it. While using this silicon dab rig smoking accessories, you will have a great experience. Most shatters, waxes are very sticky in nature using silicon dab gives you a perfect hassle-free smoking experience.